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Solar Powered Hidden 3G/4G Lte DVR Security Camera Israel

Solar Powered Hidden 3G/4G Lte DVR Security Camera Israel

Jaste solar 3g/4g security camera built in 4G router. Adopting high efficiency mono solar panel and long life span Lithium iron phosphate battery. Warranty period up to 3 years.

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solar powered hidden 3g/4g lte dvr security camera Israel

Jaste wireless solar energy surveillance systems are produced with subcomponents and top-level equipment. This use of quality hardware provides a longer life expectancy and minimal or no maintenance for the customer for years. In addition, with Jaste, each system is specifically configured by region to provide superior autonomous solar systems fused with the right communication, security and surveillance technology that offers the best for your application. The systems include convenience with the LCD screen of the power system, while remote monitoring of the power system is also possible on request. System options, such as extended power reserve / backup through battery bank expansion and the latest lithium-based battery updates, can be accessed. In addition to all the technology, Jaste Solar Power systems can be configured to meet almost any installation need, such as roof mounting, pole side, top of the pole and floor mounting system designs. Side of Pole is our most common request and default configuration.

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