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Trend Of High Definition Video Surveillance Road

May 12, 2017

At present, high-definition video surveillance in the public sector application market has highlighted, will continue to industry applications and high-end users penetration. The future security system, high-definition video surveillance will and the traditional modular system integration, building a harmonious coexistence, interoperability security system platform to meet user multi-level application. Different industries, different occasions to the image clarity requirements, such as in the bustling downtown area can see the facial characteristics of a people, it is very important to see the licence of the vehicle, and the high-definition cameras can greatly enhance the application value of the system in the halls of high-rise buildings, crowded entrances and exits, entrances and exits, highways, stadiums and other occasions, and play an active role in the supervision and management of urban policing. However, the current HD cameras are not popular, but just started, this need to increase the market development and promotion of HD cameras, to achieve the goal of HD, so that users see clearer, farther. At present, intelligent traffic in the card capture, speeding, electronic police and other most of the SD products, all over the gradual use of HD products replacement of SD products. Related manufacturers are facing a product "shuffle", requiring manufacturers to seize this opportunity, the smart traffic as a key support industry.

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