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Three Problems In HD Video Surveillance

May 12, 2017

HD Network cameras make the image sharpness a qualitative leap, but also to the HD surveillance system has brought a series of practical problems. The three key issues to be solved in HD surveillance are bandwidth problems, display problems, and storage problems. Bandwidth problem: Because of the current network bandwidth Limited, HD video brings high-code rate to become the biggest bottleneck. How to transmit the highest possible quality video with the lowest possible rate is the first problem to be solved in HD surveillance. At the same time because of the heterogeneity of the network, different network has different channel characteristics, different users enjoy the network bandwidth is not the same, even the same user's bandwidth may be changed at any time. With the development of surveillance field, all kinds of user terminals have connection monitoring video needs, such as LAN monitoring network bandwidth is more desirable, users want to browse high-quality video; mobile surveillance field because of limited bandwidth, users more value is the low rate of video fluency. How to adapt to these different bandwidth environment is also a problem to be solved in HD surveillance equipment.

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