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The Trend Of HD Network

May 12, 2017

The development of NVR and front-end IP Camera are inseparable, IP Camera mainly solves the data acquisition problem, converted to the compressed code stream, transmitted over the network to the backend equipment. NVR mainly solves video storage, preview, playback, forwarding and so on. Manufacturers may only do some IP Camera, highlighting their HD performance, back-end equipment R & D is very little, the front-end equipment support, can not really form practical application; Because of the market demand factors, many manufacturers are beginning to increase the back-end equipment R & D inputs, development to now, many manufacturers can provide a comprehensive solution based on HD. On the other hand, it is the demand of customers to promote the development of NVR and IP Camera. Currently, the application is more on the project, for example, in the safe city, banking, transportation and other industries bidding, IP Camera, NVR, HVR (analog + digital) has a very detailed tender indicators, so that the security vendors to invest in R & D to meet customer needs, and then promote the development of the industry. The development of IP Camera and NVR in recent two years is very fast, and there are plenty of applications in the project.

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