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The Future Trend Of IP Camera+NVR

May 12, 2017

Future security monitoring development, whether large systems, or small systems, are network-based layout. In the large system to provide the overall solution, to "monitor platform +NVR+IP Camera" as the core building security network, the formation of distributed security monitoring system; For small systems, there are generally 4, 8, 16 road already enough for some occasions, the development trend is "NVR+IP Camera". At present stage is the customer demand on the one hand promotes the NVR+IP Camera development, many customers want to the HD system to solve the problem of unclear, on the other hand security surveillance development to now, once simulated camera +DVR program competition Fierce, everyone needs to find new profit growth, security manufacturers themselves will also promote the development of NVR+IP Camera. The intensification of market competition, on the project, how to provide excellent solutions, deep digging customer industry needs, providing stable products, follow-up to provide sustainable quality services is the security vendors to win the fundamental. On the channel, how to reduce the cost of IP Camera+NVR, make it more and more close to the DVR scheme, when the cost drops to a certain extent, IP Camera+NVR application will be greatly improved.

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