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Looking For Wireless Camera Outdoor Security Systems Customers

Jul 21, 2018

Previously some potential cutomers made an inquiry about our Solar Powered 3G/4G/WIFI wireless cellular SIM card outdoor security camera systems with rechargeable lithium ion battery backup. Now, almost half month passed, I can not get in touch with them again. So I asked the plice for help. 

Me: Hello, Is this 911, the Public Security Bureau? I want to report a case!

Police: Hello! what's the situation?

Me: People disappeared! [tears] [tears] [tears]

Police: Who?

Me: Those customers who said they were considering ordering our solar powered outdoor security camera for remote monitoring where there is no power and internet outlet. It has been a few days now! I could not reach them any more, and I assume I've lost them.

Police: Why don't you spend your precious time to find more?

Me: They are important to us as well. And the most important point is that I'm afraid they would waste money on useless/unqualified items with low price bait.Jaste solar 3g 4g SIM card camera.jpg

Solar powered 1080P Wifi IP Bullet Camera.jpg

A great weekend for all dear readers. 

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