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How To Save 3G4G Wireless Video Surveillance Camera Video Transmission Traffic Costs Cloud Platform

Jul 06, 2017

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When it comes to 3G4G wireless video server, or front-end 3G4G remote monitoring equipment, we will be more concerned about real-time transmission of 3G4G tariffs, which has been more concerned about the customer.


After all, it's about money. The video has been handed down, then the consumption of the flow will be a number of days, the attendant costs will also be a huge number. For example, 3G transmission CIF generally in 100 ~ 300kbps, 300kbps, for example, an hour will consume traffic 300kbps * 3600/8/1024 = 131.8359375MB / h, about 132 MB / h, the general WCDMA Charges in the 1G flow of 20 yuan, you can pass 1 * 1024/132 = 7.76h (20 yuan per hour / 7.76h=2.58 yuan), about 8 hours. 20 yuan / 8 hours, then 24 hours a day will spend 60 yuan a month 30 days will spend 30 * 60 = 1800 yuan. Pass D1, then the traffic is greater, more than 1M per second, 1G flow less than 3 hours will be consumed.


In fact, the actual use of 3G4G wireless video surveillance products, the use of equipment have a lot of skills, the following will save the 3G transmission costs listed below, for the needs of friends Reference: 1) select the regular transmission, flexible set transmission time, Important time period transmission, the time period does not transmit; 2) does not transmit the client to choose to stop transmission, then only a small amount of traffic in the maintenance of 3G online, used to maintain the heartbeat package, need to view the video Right click on the device to start transmission on it, this is a very practical way to save money, easy to operate. 3) Select the SMS trigger mode, anytime, anywhere through the phone to send text messages to the front-end equipment to control the way the video transmission, when to transfer when on what time, 4) select the alarm trigger mode, through the external trigger alarm to control the video transmission, Set the alarm to transmit a video for a long time; 5) manual trigger, want to pass, want to stop on the stop; 6) through the local video storage to achieve full-time monitoring. When the device is powered on to start recording, stop the video transmission, the video is still in progress, so you can view the video file does not transfer the video, in order to achieve full-time monitoring. 7) For the fixed equipment and other fixed-point monitoring, can be used to capture high-definition high-definition or standard definition D1 picture capture to replace the resolution is not high CIF real-time video stream, by adjusting the timing capture time interval, can greatly reduce the data traffic charges , And can enhance the practical effect of monitoring. 3G4G camera wireless video server fully supports real-time video and timing capture mode of dynamic switching.

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