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How To Estimate That If A Solar 3G/4G Lte Cellular Network Camera System Is Good ?

Sep 11, 2017

How to estimate that if a solar 3G/4G lte cellular network camera system is good ?

When you purchase an solar 3G/4G Lte cellular network camera, how to identify if it is a good system for you.


First of all, a suitable solar system is very important. It decides whether your 3G/4G,Lte,cellular network camera will work constantly and stably. What kind and what capacity of solar panel will affect how much energy you will achieve from sunshine. For example, conversion of high efficiency Mono crystalline solar panel is 19%, while that of Poly crystalline solar panel is only about 16%. Meanwhile, much larger solar panel, will receive more energy. Is it necessary for us to choose larger solar panel all the time? The answer is no. Because different area have different sunhine irradiance. In low sunshine irradiance place, it certainly needs to use large solar panel. While if you also use large solar panel in high sun irradiance area, probably it would be a waste. That is why Jaste solar technology Co.,Ltd designed 30W,55W,90W solar panel systems for choice.


Battery is of the same mechanism as solar panel. We do not always need a large battery. In some area where lack rain and is always sunny. Battery support 1-2 rainy days is enough. While in some rainy area, it does not only need larger solar panel, but also need larger capacity battery to support camera working without interruption. The biggest Capacity battery of Jaste Solar monitoring system can support 6-7 constant rainy days. Except for capacity of battery, are there any other factors that will affect the energy storage? The answer is yes. Batteries are of different kinds. The most commonly used in solar monitoring system are Lead-acid battery, MnNiCo ternary battery and Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4 battery). Lead-acid battery is the cheapest, but the volume is very large, recycle-circle times are very less. Normally after 2 year you need to exchange it. MnNiCo ternary battery is economy and it’s volume is small. But it is very easy to be damaged when it is installed in high temperature area. Lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePo4) is the best choice for solar surveillance system. Life span is no less than 5 years. Working temperature range from -20°C to 60°C.  Although its cost is higher than the preceding two kinds of batteries. While, it will save more invisible costs in maintenance. Jaste Solar Technology Co.,Ltd insist to using Lithium iron phosphate battery to achieve good quality product!


Controller is core of the whole solar security camera system. Poor performance controller will damage the battery and compromise the performance. A reliable controller will continue to provide stable voltage and current to the camera. However on the market, there are some solar camera systems using the controller with fluctuant voltage and current. Camera will be damaged after longtime usage in this condition. Jaste Solar Technology Co.,Ltd adopt specially R&D controller. Continue to provide stable voltage and current to make sure the camera working well.


Second, after having a perfect solar system, you need to have a good 3G/4G wireless security camera. Jaste solar 3G/4G security camera is with built-in industrial 4G module. Support FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, WCDMA/HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE network, adopting Huawei Hisilicion chips, progressive scan CMOS, Yutong Lens and array LEDs, and providing good quality monitoring images to you.


Last but no the least, a solid construction is also a key factor for the solar system. Solar security camera system usually would be installed on a high pole. If use thin material, it is very easy to be broken in terrible weather, even in days with heavy wind. Battery is heavy, without tough construction, it is very dangerous to install it on high place.



From Above analysis, we can see that there are many factors to determine the performance of the 3G/4G wireless solar monitoring system. Security camera is an key factor, but its good performance depends on an perfect solar system connected.

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