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Cater To HD Surveillance Needs HD-MDI Can Become A Industry Powerhouse

May 12, 2017

Now active in the security of high-definition surveillance cameras are undoubtedly the mainstream of the two major IPC as well as a special field of HD-SDI cameras, you sing our debut, IPC and HD-SDI cameras in the security of high definition market is in infighting. Any industry development to a certain stage will always have the emergence of new things to break the existing pattern, HD-MDI cameras born that is so. To meet the needs of security high-definition market, HD-MDI cameras will bring about the industry's surprise and change? Can it be a strong in HD industry? Speaking of HD-MDI, many people may feel unfamiliar, HD-MDI is a kind of digital HD video and audio technology based on twisted pair transmission. Its surveillance products include HD-MDI HD cameras, HD-MDI relays, HD-MDI-based DVR, HD-MDI video and audio capture card, HD-MDI optical terminals, HD-MDI matrix and other devices, HD-MDI's overall system structure and the traditional monitoring and security system is basically consistent.

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