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Camera Classification

May 12, 2017

Cameras can be divided into digital cameras and analog cameras two major categories. Digital cameras can convert analog video signals generated by video capture devices into digital signals, which are stored in computers. Analog cameras captured video signals must undergo a specific video capture card to convert analog signals into digital mode, and then compress to be converted to the computer. Digital cameras can capture images directly, and then upload to the computer via strings, parallel ports, or USB interfaces. Computer market cameras are based on digital cameras, and digital cameras in the use of new data transmission interface USB Digital cameras, the market is most visible is this product. In addition, there is a video capture card in conjunction with the use of products, but not mainstream. Because of the rapid popularity of personal computers, the overall cost of analog cameras high, and can not meet the BSV LCD splicing interface, such as the USB interface transmission speed is much higher than the serial port, and the speed of the port, so the market USB interface digital cameras. Analog cameras can be used with video capture card or USB video capture card, very convenient to connect with the computer, typical applications are general video surveillance.

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