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Buy Solar 4g Security Camera In The United States

Oct 18, 2017


Jaste solar is a professional solar security camera manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. Their products include integrated type, semi-integrated type and split type solar 4g security camera.


1.     How to choose a solar security camera which is suitable for the United State

When you choose a solar security camera system, please consider your local sun irradiation and how many constant rainy days do you want? What function of camera do you want? Please tell your requirements to our salesmen, they will recommend an suitable solar surveillance system for you.


2.     How to buy the solar cellular network camera in America

Please contact our salesman (email:cam@jastesolar.com), they will propose a solar security camera system based on your local sun irradiation and requirements.

We accept the payments of Western Union and TT


3.     How to send the solar powered surveillance system to USA

For small quantity, we will send the goods by air transportation or express.

For large quantity, we will send the goods by sea transportation


The United States Introduction

The United States is the second largest country in the Americas with territory including the United States, Alaska in the northwestern part of North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the central Pacific. With an area of 9,371,610 square kilometers (including 9,158,960 square kilometers of land area and an inland water area of about 200,000 square kilometers), adding about 170,000 square kilometers of the U.S.-China sovereignty over the Great Lakes, the coastal waters such as estuaries, harbors and inland seas have an area of about 100,000 Square kilometers, an area of 9.63 million square kilometers, if only the land area, the United States ranked third only to Russia, China, before Canada.

CIA World Factbook 1989-1996 initial version of the United States total area of 9,372,610 square kilometers. In 1997, it was changed to 9,629,091 square kilometers. In 2004, it was changed to 9,631,418 square kilometers and from 2006 to 9,631,420 square kilometers.

The terrain of the United States is diverse and varied. Its terrain is high in the west and low in the east. The coast of the East Coast has a coastal plain, narrow north and south, has been extended to New Jersey, in Long Island and other places there are some glacial sedimentary plain. Behind the coast plains is the undulating foothills that stretch to the Appalachian Mountains, 1830 meters high, in North Carolina and New Hampshire.

To the west of the Appalachian Mountains is the central plains of the United States, relatively flat terrain, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi - the Missouri River - the world's first
Four major river basins are also located here. To the west of the Mississippi River, the terrain of the inner plains began to rise, finally entering the vast plains with sparsely populated terrain in the central United States.

In the western Great Plains there are towering Rocky Mountains, from south to north the United States will be divided into two, the highest peak in Colorado reached 4270 meters. The West Coast has Sierra Nevada and Coastal Mountains. Previously there was frequent volcanic activity in the Rockies; now there is only one area (the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - probably the largest active volcano in the world). The highest mountain in the United States is McKinley Hill, 6,193 meters above sea level, and the highest peak in North America.

Most parts of the United States belong to the continental climate, the southern subtropical climate. The temperature difference between North and Central Plains is very high. The average January temperature in Chicago is -3 ° C in July and 24 ° C in July. The average January temperature in the Gulf Coast is 11 ° C in July and 28 ° C in July.

The United States crosses the west five districts to the west ten districts for a total of six time zones. Each time zone corresponds to one standard time, from east to west, respectively, Eastern Time (EST, West Fifth District, including the 19 states of the Atlantic and Near-West and Washington, D.C., representing the city of Washington), Central Time (CST, (Including the Chicago and New Orleans), Mountain Time (MST, West 7), Pacific Time (PST, West 8, including the Pacific coast of 4 states, Los Angeles and other cities), Alaska Time (AKST, West Kowloon area), Hawaii time (HST, West ten districts). In accordance with the "East early West Evening" rule, each decrease of one hour. The so-called western time refers to the Pacific time.

The United States is rich in natural resources and ranks first in the world in total proven mineral resources. Coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, potassium, phosphate, sulfur and other mineral reserves rank the world. Other minerals include copper, lead, molybdenum, uranium, bauxite, gold, mercury, nickel, potassium carbonate, silver, tungsten, zinc, aluminum and bismuth. Strategic mineral resources of titanium, manganese, cobalt, chromium and other mainly by imports. Forest area of about 440000000 acres, the coverage rate of 33%.
By the end of 2010, the United States had proven reserves of 20.68 billion barrels of crude oil, ranking the 13th in the world. Proved natural gas reserves of 7.716 trillion cubic meters, ranking fifth in the world; proven coal reserves of 491 billion short tons, ranking first in the world. In 2011, the U.S. crude oil production was 2.065 billion barrels, with 4.146 billion barrels of imports and 1.067 billion barrels of exports. Natural gas production is 28.58 trillion cubic feet, imports 3.46 trillion cubic feet, exports 1.51 trillion cubic feet.

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