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Buy Solar 4g Security Camera In Spain

Nov 14, 2017

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Jaste solar is a professional solar security camera manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. Our products include integrated type, semi-integrated type and split type solar 4g security camera.


1.     How to choose a solar security camera which is suitable for Spain

When you choose a solar security camera system, please consider your local sun irradiation and how many constant rainy days do you want? What function of camera do you want? Please tell your requirements to our salesmen, they will recommend an suitable solar surveillance system for you.


2.     How to buy the solar cellular network camera in Spain

Please contact our salesman (email:cam@jastesolar.com), they will propose a solar security camera system based on your local sun irradiation and requirements.

We accept the payments of Western Union,Paypal, TT,L/C


3.     How to send the solar powered surveillance system to Spain

For small quantity, we will send the goods by air transportation or express.

For large quantity, we will send the goods by sea transportation

Spain Introduction

Spain's total area of 505925 square kilometers
The land area of 499542 square kilometers, the water area of 5240 square kilometers), ranking fifth in Europe, the most northern native to the southern tip of about 830 km, the longest direction of 1000 km. The vast majority of the territory is located in the Iberian Peninsula, northeast Pyrenees connected with France and Andorra, west of Portugal. Straight south across the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa, Morocco. North Bay of Biscay, east of the Mediterranean Sea and Italy across the sea, northwest, southwest Atlantic.

The terrain in Spain is mainly plateau, with mountains. The highest point of Mt. Mulasen is 3718 meters above sea level. Central Meitetai plateau is a mountainous encircling plateau, accounting for about 3/5 of the country's area, with an average elevation of 600 meters to 800 meters. North stretches of the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees are the Spanish and French border mountains, more than 430 kilometers long, with an altitude of 3000 meters above the peak.
Spain's highest point in the southern Sierra Nevada, the main peak Mount Murassen 3478 meters above sea level, is the Iberian Peninsula ridge.
Due to the proximity of the mountains to the coast, the plains are few and narrow, and the wider ones are only the Ebro Valley in the northeast and the Andalusian plain in the southwest.
Spain has 11% of land below 200 meters above sea level, 31% from 201 to 600 meters, 39% from 601 to 1000 meters, 18% from 1001 to 2000 meters and 1% above 2000 meters.
Northern mountains: including the Pyrenees, the Cantabrian Mountains.
Central Plateau: Includes Cordillera Range, Old Castilian Plateau, Neo Castilian Plateau.
Aragon Plain
Mediterranean coast mountains
Andalusian plain

The main Spanish rivers are the Ebro, Douro, Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers. The longest is the Tagus River, 1007 km long, downstream in Portugal. Ebro River 910 kilometers long, the entire territory, sometimes regarded as Spain's largest river. Due to the ups and downs of these rivers, only the lower Guadalquivir can be navigable, and no other river can be shipped.

Central Plains plateau is a continental climate, northern and northwestern coastal maritime temperate climate, southern and southeastern Mediterranean subtropical climate.

Spanish climate can be divided into the following sections:

Mediterranean climate: eastern and southern Spain, the Canary Islands mostly subtropical climate.
High temperature records: Macy's 47.2 ° C, Málaga 44.2 ° C, Valencia 42.5 ° C, Alicante 41.4 ° C, Mallorca 40.6 ° C, Barcelona 39.8 ° C, Tenerife 42.6 ° C.

Low Temperature Record: Galonne -13.0 ° C, Barcelona -10.0 ° C, Valencia -7.2 ° C, Murcia -6.0 ° C, Alicante -4.6 ° C, Malaga -3.8 ° C, Tenerife 8.1 ° C.

Inland temperate continental climate: Northern Spain has cold winters (usually snowfalls) and hot summers.
High temperature record: Sevilla 47.0 ℃, Cordova 46.6 ℃, Badajoz 45.0 ℃, Albacete and Zaragoza 42.6 ℃, Madrid 42.2 ℃, Burgos 41.8 ℃, Valladolid Germany 40.2 ℃.

Low temperature record: Albacete -24.0 ° C, Burgos -22.0 ° C, Salamanca -20.0 ° C, Teruel -19.0 ° C, Madrid -14.8 ° C, Seville -5.5 ° C.

The temperate maritime climate of the North Atlantic coastal climate: the summer climate and warm, rainfall is mainly concentrated in the winter.

High temperature record: Bilbao 42.0 ℃, La Coruna 37.6 ℃, Gijon 36.4 ℃.

Low temperature record: Bilbao -8.6 ℃, Oviedo -6.0 ℃, Gijon and A Coruña -4.8 ℃. 

Rainfall is abundant in the northern and western coastal areas, with humid climates and most of the other areas are dry and severely water-stressed. Annual precipitation: 800 mm in the northwest coastal area, 600 mm in the central and eastern coastal areas and 300 mm in the southern area.

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