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Buy Solar 4g Security Camera In Russian Federation

Nov 14, 2017

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Jaste solar is a professional solar security camera manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. Our products include integrated type, semi-integrated type and split type solar 4g security camera.


1.     How to choose a solar security camera which is suitable for Russian Federation

When you choose a solar security camera system, please consider your local sun irradiation and how many constant rainy days do you want? What function of camera do you want? Please tell your requirements to our salesmen, they will recommend an suitable solar surveillance system for you.


2.     How to buy the solar cellular network camera in Russian Federation

Please contact our salesman (email:cam@jastesolar.com), they will propose a solar security camera system based on your local sun irradiation and requirements.

We accept the payments of Western Union,Paypal, TT,L/C


3.     How to send the solar powered surveillance system to Russian Federation

For small quantity, we will send the goods by air transportation or express.

For large quantity, we will send the goods by sea transportation

Russian Federation Introduction

Located at 30 ° -180 ° E, 50 ° -80 ° N, across Europe and Asia, located in the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of the Asian continent, most of its European territory is the eastern European plains. North of the Arctic Ocean, east Pacific Ocean, west Atlantic, Northwest Pro Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland.

Neighboring countries are Norway and Finland on the north-west of the land borders, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus on the west, Ukraine on the southwest, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan on the south, China, Mongolia and North Korea on the southeast (among them, Lithuania and Poland Only borders Kaliningrad with the Russian enclave). 37653 kilometers long coastline.

At the same time, Russia is also facing Japan, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden and the United States across the sea.
Area of 17,098,200 square kilometers (76.3% of the original territory of the Soviet Union, 11.4% of the Earth's land area)

Water area accounts for 13%, is the world's largest country. The east-west length is 9,000 km, spanning 11 time zones; the width of 4,000 km from north to south, spanning four climates. With the addition of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia, the territory of Russia added an additional 25,500 square kilometers.

The plains and plateau-based topography. Topography North South low, West low East high.

The western part is almost entirely Eastern Plains, east to the Ural Mountains, the Western Siberia Plain, the Middle Siberian Plateau, the Lower North Siberian and Eastern Siberian Mountains, Pacific Rim and so on. Southwest stands the Greater Caucasus, the highest peak Mount Elbrus 5642 meters above sea level.

Most of the area is in the north temperate zone with a variety of climates, mainly temperate continental climate, but the north of the Arctic Circle belongs to the cold climate. The temperature difference is generally large, January average temperature of -18 ℃ ~ -10 ℃ [9], July average temperature of 11-27 ℃. The average annual precipitation is 150 ~ 1000 mm. Siberia, latitude higher latitudes and long winter, but the long summer sunshine, temperature and humidity suitable for the growth of coniferous forest.

Located in the northwestern part of Russia, Oyamyakam is one of the coldest settlements in the world. The average temperature in January is -50 ° C, the lowest ever recorded at -71.2 ° C.

From west to east, the continental climate gradually strengthened; the Arctic coast is a tundra climate (cold climate) or (polar climate), the Pacific coast is a temperate monsoon climate. From north to south were polar desert, tundra, forest tundra, forest, forest steppe, steppe and semi-desert belt

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