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Buy Solar 4g Security Camera In Germany

Oct 24, 2017

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Jaste solar is a professional solar security camera manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. Our products include integrated type, semi-integrated type and split type solar 4g security camera.


1.     How to choose a solar security camera which is suitable for Germany

When you choose a solar security camera system, please consider your local sun irradiation and how many constant rainy days do you want? What function of camera do you want? Please tell your requirements to our salesmen, they will recommend an suitable solar surveillance system for you.


2.     How to buy the solar cellular network camera in Deutschland

Please contact our salesman (email:cam@jastesolar.com), they will propose a solar security camera system based on your local sun irradiation and requirements.

We accept the payments of Western Union,Paypal, TT,L/C


3.     How to send the solar powered surveillance system to Deutschland

For small quantity, we will send the goods by air transportation or express.

For large quantity, we will send the goods by sea transportation


Germany Introduction


The Federal Republic of Germany is located in the central part of Europe, with Poland, the Czech Republic to the east, Austria, Switzerland to the south, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France to the west and Denmark to the north and to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It is the country with the largest number of neighboring countries in Europe.

Germany's terrain varies, with rolling hills, plateau terraces, hills, beautiful lake, and the vast expanse of the plains. The entire German terrain can be divided into five areas with different characteristics: the Lower German North, the mid-range uplift, the mid-range mountain range in the southwest, the southern Alps and the Bavarian Alps.

The northern lowlands are characterized by lakes dotted with rugged coastal highlands and clay terraces dotted with grasslands, sloughs and yellow land stretching south to the front of the mid-mountain uplift. The middle range uplift will divide Germany into two parts. Mid-range mountain ranges in the southwest of the Trail include the Upper-Rhine Lowlands and its border mountains. The southern Alps include the Swabian Bavarian Plateau and the hills and lakes in the south, the gravel plains, the Lower Bavarian hills and the Donau depressions. The Bavarian Alps include the Alps, the Alps, the Bavarian Alps and the Berchtesgaden Alps, where picturesque lakes are scattered. There are six mountains in Germany.

The terrain north and south high, can be divided into four terrain areas: the North Plains, the average elevation of less than 100 meters; the Sino-German mountain, consisting of high blocks from east to west; the southwest Rhine fault valley, on both sides of the mountain valley Steep walls; the southern Bavarian Plateau and the Alps, during which the main peak of the Bayern Alps Zug peak 2963 meters above sea level, the country's highest peak.

Germany is in a cool westerly zone between the continental climate of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, where the ups and downs of temperatures are rare. The rainfall is distributed throughout the year. In summer, the average temperature in northern Germany is about 18 ℃, the southern mountain is about 20 ℃, the average temperature in winter is about 1.5 ℃, and the southern mountain is about -6 ℃. An exception is the temperate Upper-Rhine valley and Upper Bavaria, a mountainous, often brisk southerly wind blowing from the Alps, and the Harz Mountains, which are characterized by their mountainous breezes, cool summers and snowy winters that make up their own unique climatic zone. Due to the different geographical conditions in various regions, the highest temperature in Germany between 20-30 ℃, the lowest temperature between 1.5 - 10 ℃.

The northern part of Germany is a maritime climate, which is warmer than the south. The northwestern maritime climate is more obvious, to the east and south gradually transition to continental climate. The average temperature of July 14 ~ 19 ℃, January -5 ~ 1 ℃. Annual precipitation 500-1000 mm, the mountain is more.

The main rivers are the Rhine (flowing through the territory of 865 km), Elbe, Weser, Oder, Danube.

Larger lakes are Lake Constance, Chiemsee, Amor Lake, Lake times.

Starting from January 1, 1995, according to the 1982 International Law of the Sea Agreement, Germany's territorial waters in the North Sea and East China Sea increased from 3 to 12 nautical miles (about 22 kilometers) in the territorial waters, increasing their respective areas by 4,100 and 1,700 km².

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