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Buy Solar 4g Security Camera In Czechia

Nov 13, 2017

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Jaste solar is a professional solar security camera manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. Our products include integrated type, semi-integrated type and split type solar 4g security camera.


1.     How to choose a solar security camera which is suitable for Czechia

When you choose a solar security camera system, please consider your local sun irradiation and how many constant rainy days do you want? What function of camera do you want? Please tell your requirements to our salesmen, they will recommend an suitable solar surveillance system for you.


2.     How to buy the solar cellular network camera in Czechia

Please contact our salesman (email:cam@jastesolar.com), they will propose a solar security camera system based on your local sun irradiation and requirements.

We accept the payments of Western Union,Paypal, TT,L/C


3.     How to send the solar powered surveillance system to Czechia

For small quantity, we will send the goods by air transportation or express.

For large quantity, we will send the goods by sea transportation

Czechia Introduction

The Czech Republic borders Slovakia to the east, Austria to the south, Poland to the north, Germany to the west with an area of 78,866 km²,

Land area: 77276km², water area: 1590km². It consists of three parts: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

The Czech Republic is fertile with its fertile land on three sides of a raised quadrangular basin. The north is Krkonoše mountains, south of Sumava mountains, eastern and southeast of the average elevation of 500-600 meters of the Czech-Moravian Plateau. Most parts of the basin below 500 meters below sea level, the Labe Plain, Pilsen basin, Erzgebirge basin and southern Czech lake lakes. Vltava longest, flowing through Prague. Elbe originated in the Czech Republic, the Rabe River, navigable.

Eastern Moravske-Oder The upper reaches of the Oder Valley, a zone between the Czech and Slovakia, known as the Morava-Oder corridor, have long been the gateway between Northern Europe and Southern Europe. National hills and downs, dense forests, beautiful scenery.

The territory is divided into two geographical areas, one in the western half of the Bohemian Highlands and the other in the eastern half of the Carpathian Mountains, which consists of a series of east-west mountains. The highest point is the Gerlachovsky peak at 2655 meters above sea level. The territory of highlands, hills and basins and white. Mountainous border, Sudede Mountain Snezhka Hill, 1602 meters above sea level. The lowest altitude Elbe River: 115 meters.

Czech Republic is a temperate continental climate transitional climate. Summer is hot and winter is cold and snowy. One of the hottest July, the coldest January. The average temperature in Prague was 19.5 ° C in July and -0.5 ° C in January.

Time zone
East District, 1 hour earlier than GMT; 7 hours later than Beijing time.

Czech Republic is rich in lignite and hard coal resources, with lignite and hard coal reserves of about 13.2 billion tonnes, ranking the third in the world and fifth in Europe respectively. Reserves of oil, gas and iron ore are small and basically depend on imports. Other mineral resources are uranium, manganese, aluminum, zinc, fluorite, graphite and kaolin.

Vltava has a large hydropower station.

Czech Republic is rich in forest resources and covers an area of 2.655 million hectares. Its forest coverage is 34%, accounting for about 1/3 of the total area of the country and 12th in the EU. The main species are pine, fir, oak and beech.

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