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About Jaste Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

Jun 06, 2017

A solar powered wireless security camera is a camera which is used to monitor an area for security purposes. Independence from the grid (for power) and from data cables (for accessing video) essentially allows any security camera to be placed in almost any location, yet video can still be conveniently accessed by the user from any location via the Internet. The footage from the camera may be reviewed continuously to look for potential security breaches, or examined after the fact in the hopes of getting a glimpse of a criminal or a situation. There are a number of different environments in which a common security camera can be used, ours are mainly used for areas without any access to city power and wired network. Especially suitable for remote mountainous ares, orchards, animal husbandry, construction sites, remote highways, reservoirs, parks, etc. Now, our solar powered wireless security cameras have grown increasingly common in many parts of the world.


In some cases, our Off the Grid- Solar Powered 4G security camera is simply a static camera which is frozen in position and mounted in plain sight. On other occasions our wireless cameras can be remotely operated to pan an area for more information.


We continue to push the limitations of the current mobile phone bandwidth speeds by having new products and designs available once speeds increase. The implementation of “continuous improvement” of the cell phone cameras systems and extensive research & design, has resulted in Jaste Solar Camera as being recognized as the leader in solar powered wilress security camera systems in China.


We believe that if we employ a quality solar powered wireless security camera we can rest easy at night and focus on the things that matter most, like family, friends, and a personal relationship.

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