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What is smart IPC

Nov 14, 2017

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Smart is a brand new monitoring concept that reflects the professional, intelligent, efficient, convenient and open monitoring level. It is based on the "technology set" of intelligent coding, intelligent detection and intelligent control and leads the development of "micro-intelligence, great wisdom "The new trend of monitoring. Last year, Hikvision introduced a SmartIPC based on the Smart concept, arousing widespread concern in the industry. When defining Smart, he said: "Smart is a brand new monitoring concept that shows professional, intelligent, efficient, convenient and open monitoring Level, with intelligent coding, intelligent detection, intelligent control of the 'technology set' as a support, leading the 'micro-smart, great wisdom' of monitoring the new trend.What will appear SmartIPC replace traditional IPC accelerated HD network monitoring? Let's take a closer look


Innovative Smart Codec technology, combined with low code rate + ROI, can save 3/4 of storage space. With SVC, the video recording time can be prolonged after frame drawing at any time. A 2T hard disk Storage 4 720p (1080P) IPC video 47 days (23 days); Multiple independent encoded stream, dual real-time HD stream to meet the needs of various end users.


Powerful Smart Detect technology to detect cross-border intrusion and regional intrusion automatically, respectively arm and alarm; accurately identify the number, position and size of faces in the screen and realize smart tracking of face ;


It can also detect no sound source input, environmental noise filter, sudden scream event reminder and other functions; support for the screen virtual focus, scene changes in the anomalies to automatically detect and alarm.


Advanced Smart Control technology can automatically detect the brightness of the screen, through the internal algorithm to suppress near-infrared objects in the near field, while ensuring the brightness of the background area; power lens AF AF AF zoom function, no manual focus; bolt support ABF automatic back focus adjustment function, a key fine-tuning the focus.


Smart IPC is based on the actual monitoring needs of users to provide the most concise and practical, simple and easy intelligent monitoring services. Xu Peng said that in the next few years, the network camera products will show an explosive growth trend. In the environment of "high definition and intelligence", the traditional IPC has some drawbacks in some applications due to its single function. Smart IPC is in this environment, came into being. "We expect the next two years, we will usher in Smart IPC era, it will gradually replace the traditional IPC. Its powerful intelligent features, multi-scene application, enough to subvert the user's perception of IPC."


Smart IPC is a new hardware platform and the best encoding algorithm for the collection, with the most efficient processing power and the most abundant functional applications, based on Smart "technology set" designed to provide users with better image effects, richer The monitoring value, more convenient operation and management, better maintenance system.


IPC integration trend


"Smart IPC is a product of hardware technology upgrades and revolutions that represent state-of-the-art encoding and image processing algorithms that differentiate them from traditional IPC in terms of both image effects and functional performance. For example, Smart IPC's smart Coding can achieve low bit rate, ROI, SVC, multi-stream, short delay, intelligent detection can achieve face detection, behavior detection, scene detection and abnormal audio detection Call), etc. Intelligent control can support ABF automatic back focus adjustment, AF auto focus, smart Smart IR, etc. "


"It is not difficult to come out alone, integrating some hard work." Microblogging users comments. Intelligent coding efficiency is closely related with the chip program, save 3/4 of the storage space is worth the wait, with the current chip solutions introduced by some manufacturers, which coincides. Samsung WN3 chip is also claimed to have excellent coding performance, only 2.5Mbps 1080P can achieve real-time coding, compared to ordinary network camera code stream reduced by 70%. This is clearly a killer manufacturers to move the market.


From "price" -oriented to "smart" -oriented


Since the first half of this year, some brands have been striving for breakthroughs and innovations in the IPC homogenization and low-price panics. 720P is not difficult, it is not difficult to low price, how to reflect the difference between the value of the product?


With the popularization of HD IPC and the diversified development of application scenarios, the practicality, convenience and intelligence of IPC gradually become the focus of the users. Hikvision believes that "Smart is a brand new monitoring concept that reflects the professional, intelligent, efficient, convenient and open monitoring level. It is supported by the" technology set "of intelligent coding, intelligent detection and intelligent control. Leading the "micro-smart, great wisdom," the new trend of monitoring. "


Smart has become standard as not far away. Enterprises in the intelligent algorithm can also be a longer foundation. With intelligent IPC is a trend, the entire system should be flat, front-end integration. Industry experts believe that the future may weaken the video surveillance platform software.


And another integrated focus, can not be ignored is "storage", using SD or SDHC card in-place storage. I believe, IPC will be more and more "fullness" in the second half of this year, more and more civilians!


to sum up


The characteristic of intelligent behavior analysis is the main application of the current video loss detection image block. People calculate entrances, remaining items of identification, intrusion detection, motion detection and recognition of videos, so mass movement and congestion. From sophisticated data analysis to intelligent monitoring of behavior and types, operations instructions, data and information are provided to alert the police that intelligent behavior of intelligent retrieval. Intelligent monitoring is to prevent the occurrence of crime to improve the monitoring efficiency.


In addition, smart devices selectively transmit video, effectively saving bandwidth and greatly increasing available network bandwidth utilization. The HD video camera's intelligent video algorithms can be embedded into the camera and become an integrated smart HD camera. This not only reduces the overall project cost but also increases the efficiency of the monitoring system. The development of intelligent monitoring technology has become the main direction of market demand. The integration of intelligent HD network cameras will become the mainstream of intelligent video monitoring. Network cameras not only reduce costs, but also reduce the device nodes, improve equipment reliability.


The development of intelligent monitoring and control technology has become an important issue and market demand. RFID technology is a network technology that identifies specific targets through radio signals and literacy-related data without a specific target of a recognition system established between mechanical or optical contacts. HD network cameras can also be built-in RFID technology, video and positioning unity. HD network camera HD video imaging technology, network applications for video information, the application of high-definition network camera wisdom will gradually increase the core provides a good foundation.

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