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What is security engineering business

Oct 12, 2017

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Security engineering definition


Security means "security". Security by the material defense, air defense, technical anti-three forms of protection, where the security works refers to the technical precautions.


Security engineering is to achieve the use of modern technology to achieve the process of security protection, security products is to serve the security project equipment. Security projects include intelligent building (building intercom, etc.), video surveillance, access control attendance, burglar alarm, parking management, smart home, room engineering.




Engineering is the business, sales of products or equipment manufacturers, businesses, companies. According to different types of business known as different projects, such as security engineering business.


Engineering Company


Large-scale projectors are generally called engineering companies, which are formed by research institutes, survey institutes, design institutes, construction enterprises and professional equipment manufacturers embedded in various industries in the past. They are formed through strategic transformation of engineering construction value chain Of the new business, with technology incubation, project-driven, intelligence-intensive three core characteristics, but also the industry construction-related enterprises and institutions to achieve the future integration of industrial development model.


Certified Engineer


"Certification project" is the network of new services for the project business. Certified engineering firms may enjoy more specific and clear information recommendation rights than ordinary unverified projectors. Through the certification can be obtained after the network logo and a certificate, exclusive distinguished. In addition, the network and the provincial and municipal associations, as a third party, to join the certification services to the independent field and remote audit certification.


Safety precautions


First, clear requirements, to determine the focus of prevention goals and scope;


Second, the choice of excellent security products and qualified works, through open tender, choose cost-effective security projects and engineering firms;


Third, the design program demonstration, to avoid the design defects into the project;


Fourth, the inspection and acceptance, the system should be completed after at least 1 month to 3 months of trial operation, the system to supplement, modify and improve, and should be commissioned by the Ministry of Public Security authorized inspection agencies for inspection and acceptance, only in the project in line with national Of the standard after the standard can be delivered to use.


Security monitoring system


For the security monitoring system, according to the different functions of the system, we will be the entire security monitoring system is divided into seven layers - the presentation layer, control layer, processing layer, transport layer, executive layer, support layer, Of course, due to the increasing integration of equipment, for some systems, some devices may be at the same time as multiple layers of identity exist in the system.


Presentation layer



The performance layer is our most intuitive feel, it shows the integrity of the security monitoring system. Such as monitoring the TV wall, monitor, treble alarm horn, alarm automatically pick up the phone and so on all belong to this layer.


Control layer


Control layer is the core of the entire security monitoring system, it is the most clear embodiment of the level of system technology. Usually there are two ways we control - analog control and digital control. Analog control is the early control mode, the console is usually composed of a controller or analog control matrix, suitable for small local security monitoring system, this control method is low cost, the failure rate is small. But for large and medium-sized security monitoring system, this approach appears to be complex and no price advantage, then we are more wise choice should be digital control. Digital control is the control of the computer as the core of the control system, it will be complex analog control operation into a simple mouse click operation, the huge analog controller stack will be reduced to an industrial computer, the complex and large number of control cables change For a serial telephone line. It will be remote monitoring into a fact, for the Internet remote monitoring possible. But the digital control is not so perfect, the control of the host price is very expensive, the module wasted the situation, the system may appear across the board collapse of the crisis, the control is lagging behind and so the problem still exists.


Processing layer


The processing layer should be called the audio and video processing layer, which will have the transmission layer to send audio and video signals to be allocated, zoom, split, intelligent analysis and other processing, the organic presentation layer and control layer to be connected. Audio and video dispensers, audio and video amplifiers, video dividers, audio and video switchers, and so on equipment belong to this layer.


Transport layer


The transport layer is equivalent to the blood of the security monitoring system. In the small security monitoring system, our most common transmission layer equipment is the video line, audio cable, for the long-distance monitoring system, we often use the radio frequency line, microwave, for remote monitoring, we usually use the Internet A cheap carrier. It is worth mentioning that the emerging transport layer media - cable / fiber. Most people in the digital security monitoring there is a misunderstanding, they think the control layer to use the digital control of the security monitoring system is the digital security monitoring system, it is not. Pure digital security monitoring system transmission medium must be a network cable or fiber. Signal from the collection layer came out, it has been modulated into a digital signal, the digital signal has matured on the network to run, theoretically no attenuation, which ensures that the remote monitoring image without loss of display, which is analog transmission can not match The Of course, high-performance returns also need high-cost investment, which is pure digital security monitoring system can not be popular one of the most important reasons.


Executive layer


Execution layer is the command object we control the instruction, at some point, it is behind us and said support layer, the collection layer is not very good apart, we think that the controlled object is the execution layer equipment. For example: PTZ, lens, decoder, ball and some auxiliary equipment: wipers, heating, cooling and so on.


Support layer


As the name suggests, the support layer is used for back-end equipment support, protection and support the acquisition layer, the implementation of layer equipment. It includes a bracket, a protective cover, and so on.


Collection layer


The collection layer is the key factor in the quality of the security monitoring system as well as the biggest cost of the system. It includes lenses, cameras, alarm sensors, audio sensors and so on.




Security project sold to Party A is not just products, more importantly, support and services. Because the software product is different from the hardware product, its follow-up service support is very important for the Party, therefore to do large-scale monitoring software platform project, the software supplier must estimate the local may in the future the aftermarket expense, Good after-sales staff long-term indulgence of local preparation.

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