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What is power _ how to configure the monitoring system power supply

Sep 11, 2017

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What is power _ how to configure the monitoring system power supply

Reactive power is the speed of the object made per unit time, i.e., the speed of power is described physical work. A certain number of power, the shorter the time, the greater the power value. The formula for the power demand power = work / time.


     Physical meaning

     Physical meaning: that the speed of physical objects work.

     Physical definition: work done per unit of time is called power. Power is an object of physical work speed.



    Power can be divided into electrical power, power and so on. So the formula is also different.


    In the pure resistance circuit, according to Ohm's law U = IR into P = UI can also be obtained: P = I * IR = (U * U) / R

    In the dynamics: power calculation formula: 1.P = W / t (average power) 2.P = FV; P = Fvcosa (instantaneous power)

    Since W = F (f force) × S (s displacement) (the definition of power), so the formula for generating power can also be derived P = F · v: P = W / t = F * S / t = F * V (this formula applies to objects to do uniform linear motion)



    P is the power, the unit is "watts", referred to as "tile", the symbol is "W". W that work, the unit is "Joule", referred to as "coke", the symbol is "J". "T" means time, the unit is "second" and the symbol is "s".

    The higher the power, the higher the speed, the higher the maximum speed of the car, the maximum power to describe the car's dynamic performance. The maximum power is generally expressed in horsepower (PS) or kilowatts (kW), 1 horsepower equal to 0.735 kilowatts. 1W = 1J / s

    How to configure the entire monitoring system of the camera power supply power?

Many programs in the implementation of the time found that the original design of the power capacity is not enough, the need for additional equipment, resulting in the phenomenon and the body of the passing. In fact, because the camera at the start of the moment, start a large current, coupled with the long-distance transmission of the loss of the project, so the need to monitor the power supply camera, not simply add all the rated power of the camera. The correct approach is to add the rated power of the camera to the entire monitoring system by 1.3 times, which is the actual power required by the camera and then add about 30% of the loss; and finally add 30% of the margin as Future expansion use.

for example:

     If a commercial building, there are 100 fixed gun-type camera, each monitor the rated power of the camera is 4W, how do we configure the camera power?

    According to the above calculation method, we calculate that the rated power of the camera is 4W * 100 sets = 400W

     The actual power used by the camera is 400W * 1.3 = 520W

     After considering the loss, the power required by the camera is 520W * 1.3 = 676W

     Plus the power margin, the camera finally need to configure the power supply is 676W * 1.3 = 878W

     Summarized as follows: the camera needs to configure the power supply = camera rated power * 1.3 * 1.3 * 1.3

     (Note: If the monitoring distance is particularly long, need to increase the power supply, and improve the power supply voltage)


Configuring the power of surveillance cameras, what is the most taboo?


     Most taboo is: the whole monitoring system share one power source. The reasons are as follows:


     1) When the system maintenance, often need to turn off the power. All the cameras start at the same time the power is turned moment, starting current is particularly large, the impact of the power supply is very large, will burn the power seriously.

     2) All surveillance cameras share a single power supply, and when the power supply fails, the entire monitoring system is paralyzed. In particular, some important entrances and exits of the image can not be monitored, may cause unnecessary trouble.


     What is the correct approach should be like it? As the above example, a commercial building has 100 fixed cameras, for a total of about 800W power supply, the correct configuration should be selected 4 sets, each 200W power supply. Thus, when a power supply unit fails, the camera of an important gateway can connect to the other good power, and will not affect the entire system.



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