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What is a wireless bridge? Application of Wireless Bridge in Monitoring Field

Sep 10, 2017

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What is a wireless bridge? Application of Wireless Bridge in Monitoring Field

With the development of technology, wireless broadband network technology more and more mature, more and more applications in various fields, at present, the establishment of large-scale internal monitoring system, has become China's large factories and mines enterprises, parks, scenic spots, roads, etc. Information technology, building an important goal, based on WLAN technology to build a wireless monitoring system, not only relative to the traditional monitoring system investment costs are low, and the industry has unparalleled technical advantages.For example, flexible networking, support for mobile monitoring. Making it the first choice for enterprises to establish an internal monitoring system.When wireless monitoring can choose analog cameras or IP cameras, such as the use of analog cameras, then you need to install the network video server.


    What is the bridge


    Bridge is like a smart repeater. The repeater receives signals from a network cable, amplifies them, and sends them to the next cable. In contrast, the bridge is more sensitive to the information uploaded from the level. A bridge is a technique for forwarding frames, according to a MAC block, which isolates collisions. The bridge connects multiple network segments of the network at the data link layer.


    Bridge is also called a bridge, is connected to two local area network of a storage / forwarding device, it can be a large LAN segmentation for multiple network segments, or more than two LANs connected to a logical LAN, the LAN Of all users can access the server. The bridge connects two similar networks and manages the flow of network data. It works on the data link layer, not only to expand the network distance or range, but also improve the network performance, reliability and security. After the network 1 and the network 2 are connected through the bridge, the bridge receives the packets sent by the network 1 and checks the address in the packet. If the address belongs to the network 1, it will discard it. On the contrary, if it is the address of the network 2, It will continue to send to the network 2. This can use the bridge isolation information, the same network number is divided into multiple network segments (belong to the same network number), isolated security network segment, to prevent unauthorized access to other users within the network segment. Due to the segmentation of the network, each segment is relatively independent (belonging to the same network number), a network segment failure will not affect the operation of another network segment.


    What is a wireless bridge?


    Wireless bridge is the name of the bridge is the wireless network, which uses wireless transmission to achieve between two or more networks to build communication between the bridge; wireless bridge from the communication mechanism is divided into circuit-based bridge and data bridge. The wireless transmission mechanism of the circuit type bridge adopts the PDH / SDH microwave transmission principle. The interface protocol adopts the bridging principle to realize, which has the characteristics of stable data rate and small transmission delay. It is suitable for the convergent network solution of multimedia demand and is suitable for 3G / 4G Mobile communication base station interconnection.


The data bridge adopts the IP transmission mechanism. The interface protocol adopts bridging principle to realize, which has the characteristics of flexible network and low cost. It is suitable for network data transmission and low-level monitoring image transmission. It is widely used in various pure IP-based data Network solution.


    Wireless bridge and microwave transmission difference.


    1, from the frequency above the wireless bridge now apply only two bands is 2.4G another is 5.8G, and we mentioned more microwave products band, the microwave is the frequency of 300MHz-300GHz range Radio waves. In fact, this wireless bridge is also within the scope of the microwave band, but to it played a very good name.


    2, the transmission distance is different, the transmission distance of the wireless bridge is very short, and generally in the 3-5 km distance, and the microwave product transmission distance is relatively long, and this need to be based on the actual situation, Generally in the design of a jump when the link needs to be pre-survey or test, such as 30 km, 50 km, there are very short 1 km, according to the size of the antenna and your choice of different frequency bands.



3, the diffraction function is different, the microwave is basically no diffraction function, the higher the frequency of the diffraction function is weaker, so in our microwave project case is far away from the need for a microwave repeater, also Is the microwave relay, here refers to the diffraction function, 2.4G wireless bridge has a certain diffraction function, such as you in a room which placed a wireless bridge, in another room can receive the signal, the signal is only Weakened some. And we mentioned the need for direct sunlight, that is, short distance through our naked eye can see, or long distance through a certain instrument can see, for example, can be seen through the telescope.


    4, the setting method is different, this is basically the same, and now the equipment is basically a fool, and most manufacturers in the factory when they have done the most simple settings, as long as other conditions are available, set in the above One or two parameters can pass, this is not very difficult.


    5, the use of different, basically almost the same, and can transmit video, audio and data signals, but in the 2.4G wireless bridge can be used alone, as a wireless AP to achieve the wireless signal transmission. Microwave does not have this function.




    Wireless bridge in practice will be how to use erection, and then recommend several kinds of erection program can be used:


    Point-to-point approach


    Point-to-point type (PTP), that is, "direct transmission". The wireless bridge device can be used to connect two fixed networks in different buildings, respectively. They are usually composed of a pair of bridges and a pair of antennas. The two antennas must be placed in opposite directions, and the outdoor antenna is connected to the bridge between the cables, and the bridge is physically connected to the network.


   Relay mode


    Ie "indirect transmission". BC can not be seen between the two points, but between the two can be indirectly through a Building A visual. And AC two points, BA between the two points to meet the requirements of bridge equipment communication. Can be used relay mode, A floor as a relay point. BC Place the bridge, orienting the antenna. A point optional way: I placed a bridge and a side of the antenna, this approach is suitable for the transmission bandwidth requirements are not high, the distance of the situation; if the point A is a single point of multi-point wireless The bridge can be in the center of the wireless bridge to insert two wireless card, two wireless cards were connected through the feeder two antennas, two antennas were pointing to the B network and C network; placed two bridges and two directional antenna.


    Point-to-multipoint transmission


    As the wireless bridge is often due to the special requirements of building a network, it is difficult to find power supply. Therefore, with PoE (power over Ethernet) capability is very important, such as can support 802.3af international standard Ethernet power supply, through the Category 5 line for the bridge to provide 12V DC power supply. The general bridge can be managed through the Web, or managed through SNMP. It also has advanced link integrity detection capability. When it is used as an AP, it can automatically detect whether the uplink Ethernet connection is working normally. If it is found that the uplink line is broken, it will automatically disconnect the wireless connection Workstations, such a broken workstation can be found in time, and search for other available AP, significantly improve the reliability of the network connection, and also for the timely locking and troubleshooting to provide a convenient. In short, with the maturity and popularity of wireless networks, wireless bridge applications will be greatly popular.


    Application Environment


    In the absence of high barriers (peaks or buildings) under the conditions of a fast network and field operations of the temporary network. Its distance depends on the environment and the antenna, which is now 7km point-to-point microwave interconnection. A pair of 27dbi directional antennas can achieve 10km point-to-point microwave interconnection. 12dbi directional antenna can achieve 2km point-to-point microwave interconnection; a pair of only to achieve the link layer function of the wireless bridge is a transparent bridge, and routing and other network layer functions, in the network 24dbi directional antenna can be real Network interconnection equipment called wireless router, can also be used as a third layer bridge.


    Wireless bridge is usually used for outdoor, mainly used to connect two networks, the use of wireless bridges can not only use one, point to point must be more than two, and AP can be used alone. Wireless bridge power, transmission distance (up to about 50km), anti-interference ability, do not bring their own antenna, generally equipped with parabolic antenna to achieve long-distance point-to-point connection.


    Now the market has been the emergence of 802.11n wireless bridge, the transmission rate can reach more than 300Mbps. However, due to various factors, the actual rate is far lower than the value advertised by the business. But the rate of 11g does increase a lot, which also makes us require high bandwidth, high transmission rate possible. With the continuous development of technology, I believe that more new products will be emerging with the emergence of new technologies.

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