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What is a perceptual camera

Oct 30, 2017

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Sensing cameras are also called Intelligent IPC, a new smart camera introduced in 2014, different from the traditional smart camera, which can perceive people, cars and objects in the picture, and then analyze the type, color, size, direction, speed And a series of information, and the information on the text description and the best picture capture, and then sent to the back of the large data platform for analysis, instead of human thinking and judgments, so called the perception of the camera.


The perceived camera produces the background


Security industry has been developed, the network video surveillance technology is increasingly perfect, security monitoring has been gradually from the analog to digital change, the technology is moving in the high-definition, digital, intelligent, integrated direction to accelerate the development, but to promote the intelligent process, Only the front-end to achieve intelligence, in order to form a large-scale intelligent applications. Which will also profoundly affect the development of the security industry as a whole, for the security ushered in considerable progress.


Perceived camera characteristics


1) able to "identify" the contents of the video;


2) can "think" what happened in the video;


3) the final content of the video and abnormal events, with language, pictures, etc. "description" out.


The advantages of a perceived camera


In the field of smart cameras, early intelligent camera products are used instead of infrared and other equipment to use, at this stage only for prohibiting people into and move the application of the scene, so it is also very simple to output information, but the alarm signal only, but This alarm is very high false alarm, in the warning area, animal intrusion, patrol personnel walking and lighting changes, may cause an alarm, because he broke into the object can not be identified.


Intelligent IPC (Intelligent IPC) can be based on the intelligent analysis of the video, identify the contents of the monitoring screen, and its semantic description and the best picture capture, and then through the back-end large data platform for analysis, instead of human thinking and judgment.


Sensing camera products


According to the monitoring scene and the need to identify the content, perception camera (Intelligent IPC) includes three series: feature analysis camera, vehicle bayonet camera, personnel bayonet camera.


1) feature analysis camera


Feature analysis camera for relatively open scenes, in a broader picture to capture people, cars, objects and other goals, and accurately identify each target type, size, color, direction, speed ... ... and then generate semantics and pictures Information, into the back-end large data platform.


For different application environments, there are bolt, infrared bolt, high speed ball, infrared high speed ball, gun and ball linkage, infrared gun and other forms of products, the basic to meet the current majority of the monitoring scene under the characteristics of the application.


2) Vehicle bayonet camera


Vehicle bayonet camera is not limited to license plate capture and identification, it can accurately identify the vehicle logo, models, body color and other richer feature information. Moreover, it can also capture the occupants of the car, even in the daytime backlight scene, it can clearly identify and capture the crew by facial photos for back-end analysis and identification.


3) Personnel bayonet camera


In addition to color, direction and other basic characteristics of information, many key places also need to accurately identify and capture face photos, in order to carry out face recognition and other depth applications. This type of site is very suitable for the deployment of personnel card camera.


Personnel bayonet camera can not only accurately capture the best face photos, it can capture people's progress, physical characteristics. Capture the face, body photos, as well as the direction of the road, speed and other information, together with the back to the large data platform to provide deep analysis applications.


Application of Perceptive Camera


The former safe city through the back-end intelligent analysis and identification, the cost is very high, so only small-scale application, can not really become the basis of large data.


The emergence of a sensory camera (Intelligent IPC) has changed everything. Its cost is far lower than the back-end intelligence, it is intelligent analysis of the large-scale deployment to remove the obstacles. Massive intelligent analysis of front-end, combined with the back of the large data platform, safe city really have the ability to depth analysis and mining. This way of deployment, is the era of large data under the safe city.


Through the combination with the safe city large data platform, the perception of the camera (Intelligent IPC) has been in the safe city has made a large number of applications:


1) real-time control; 2) semantic-based intelligent search; 3) high-risk personnel comparison; 4) face photo search; 5) whole body search; 6) portrait multi-point collision; 7) Vehicle multi-point collision ...


Furthermore, we can conduct public safety management, urban traffic management, social management, and emergency management based on the large data platform for deep mining of massive video, pictures and structured information uploaded by Intelligent IPC.

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