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What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Home Security Cameras?

Jun 15, 2017

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When you make up your mind to choose a security surveillance system, outdoor home security cameras are one factor that should be taken into consideration. Different types and designs of outdoor home security cameras come with an array of features and components that are important for a person to think about before installing the home monitoring system. The choice often comes down to installation conditions and personal preferences regarding those features and components.


Outdoor home security cameras can be wired or wireless. Wireless security cameras require less manual installation, while a wired security camera requires running a series of cables between it and the surveillance monitor. Wireless cameras also have the advantage of being easily installed in places that would be difficult for a wired camera to be used, especially outdoors.


Power source for the whole home security system is another important factor. You can use traditional city power from the grid, and you also can adopt power from crystalline panels. Apparently, when mains power are not so convenient for you, or you would encounter frequent power failure, solar powered monitoring security systems with crystalline panels are ideal for you.


Conditions outdoors are an important consideration in the choice of outdoor home security cameras. Most types of security camera has an ingress protection of IP65 for installation environments. The outside shell takes the impact of rain/wind/dust, providing the core with protection from damage or negative influence. This is very useful because rain can affect the function of outdoor home security cameras, as well as interfere with their performance.


Other kinds of outdoor home security cameras include mounted dome units to be installed on the eaves of a home's roof. These kinds of surveillance units are made to adapt to the outdoor environment of the user’s home and control its stability by cooling or heating itself. The monitoring appliance has a camera capable of movement and can be wired or wireless. This type of assembly also includes a dome with a camera inside, circulation fans, exhaust fans, and a thermostat to send signals to turn the fans on or off.


Internal components are another important consideration when choosing outdoor home security cameras. What kind of camera, which brand of lens, especially whose chips to employ are crucial for the whole systems performance. Jaste Solar Technology Co.,Ltd always and ever cooperate with experienced and reliable components supplier. Our solar powered 4G industrial camera monitoring system is characterized by low power consumption, high definition, accurate capture, high-definition video, easy installation, and plug & play. This system is widely used in fields or to outdoor environments with limited access to city power. This device is mainly used for power equipment monitoring , Forest fire monitoring, river water level monitoring and other outdoor applications demands. It ensures effective protection for more intelligent and more practical energy-saving performance

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