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What are the considerations for choosing a high-definition webcam?

Sep 26, 2017

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What are the considerations for choosing a high-definition webcam?

With the HD monitoring more and more appear in people's vision, as well as the development of civil security market, high-definition network cameras are more and more people into the list of procurement products, then buy high-definition network camera What are the precautions?


To understand the strength of suppliers


Users want to understand the strength of high-definition network camera manufacturers, the current domestic manufacturers are more chaotic, because the manufacturers to enter the industry threshold is relatively low, the quality of the production of good and bad products, some manufacturers and therefore can not be long in the market development, to the user Of the aftermarket has brought inconvenience, many users reflected in the high-definition network camera after the failure, often even the manufacturers can not find. So, before the purchase, the manufacturers have enough understanding.


Find the right performance of the network video surveillance equipment

Before the market, high-definition network cameras have gun-type, spherical, hemispherical, PTZ hemisphere, according to the need to install the line, it can be divided into wired network cameras and 3G network cameras, WIFI network camera. According to the different needs of users to choose, should choose cost-effective, with extended performance products.


Whether the vendor can provide back-end equipment

R & D strength of the manufacturers, back-end equipment is usually done by the R & D team, the standard products to meet the needs of most customers. For some large customers personalized needs, R & D strength of the manufacturers, through the R & D team to improve the standard, to achieve the customization needs of large customers, to provide customers with products to meet the performance requirements.

See the manufacturers of after-sales service projects

Industry, with the grade of the manufacturers of high-definition network camera is not big difference, who can provide customers with more comprehensive services, who will be able to capture the market. Before the purchase, the user can often communicate with the manufacturers of technology, will be able to fully understand the network camera manufacturers after-sales service projects. It should be noted that, for the manufacturers of the warranty project must be in-depth understanding, to avoid the latter part of the problem after the maintenance costs are too high.

Network cameras (network camera servers, video servers, network video converters, etc.) are entering the actual project. Eliminate the understanding of the errors, recognize the characteristics of network cameras can speed up the popularity of practical applications.


First, the network camera is too "expensive"

In the choice of monitoring products, a reference to the network camera, people will think that the network camera to a 20,000 yuan a, and spend thousands of dollars to buy the ordinary camera is too expensive.

First of all, the early production of foreign network camera does need one million yuan one, but a number of domestic manufacturers of products, the price has been reduced to about a few thousand, which has greatly reduced the price of the product.

Second, a W74GM network camera = computer + video capture card + CCD ordinary camera + network card + operating system + software, that is, in the monitoring side, only need a network camera can send video to the network. So taking an ordinary camera and network camera is not suitable for the price.


Second, the network camera "technical requirements are too high"


In the choice of monitoring products at the same time, a reference to the network camera, people will think that the network is too complex, technical requirements are too high. In fact, this is a fear of psychological mischief, the network is into the family, a few years old primary school students have to play the network, the network for engineering and users is almost transparent, or almost no need to control him.


At present, the network is basically based on TCP / IP. Although the network itself has a large number of agreements, network equipment (including network cameras) itself is complicated, but because of the unified network protocol, the manufacturers of products are done as long as you know the boot / shutdown, arm / disarm and other basic operations can be, and other All by the network products to complete, the real automatic fool-type operation, there is no need to interfere too much.

Third, the network camera "poor image quality"

Network cameras based on the network, analog local images, monitoring system based on video cable (a small number of fiber), although are monitoring, which is two completely different system structure.

According to the network camera manufacturer's view, "we emphasize that the network camera is not a panacea, because the network itself is not a universal.When the transmission distance is not too far, the monitoring point is not much, and there is no remote transmission needs, we still recommend the user to use analog images surveillance system."

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