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The working principle and advantages of thermal imaging cameras

Sep 07, 2017


The working principle and advantages of thermal imaging cameras

Any temperature of the object will be issued infrared, thermal imager is to receive the infrared light emitted by the object, through the color of the picture to show the temperature distribution of the surface of the measured object, according to the small differences in temperature to find the abnormal point of temperature, which play And the role of maintenance. Also known as infrared thermal imager.


     The thermal imaging camera works is thermal infrared imaging technology. The core is the thermal imager, it is a very small temperature sensor to detect the temperature difference, the temperature difference into real-time video images displayed. But only to see people and objects of the hot corridor, can not see the true face of the object.


working principle


    Natural light from the wavelength of different combinations of light waves, the visible range of the human eye is roughly 390-780nm, shorter than the 390nm electromagnetic waves and 780nm longer than the electromagnetic waves, the human eye can not feel. Where the electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is less than 390nm is located outside the visible spectrum purple, is called ultraviolet ray; the electromagnetic wave longer than 780nm is located outside the visible spectrum red, which is called infrared ray, and its band is from 780nm to 1mm.


    Infrared is the wavelength between the microwave and visible light between the electromagnetic waves, with the radio and visible light the same nature. In the nature of all temperatures above absolute zero (-273.15 ) of the objects are constantly radiated infrared, this phenomenon is called thermal radiation. Infrared thermal imaging technology is the use of micro-thermal radiation detector, optical imaging lens and optical scanning system to receive the target infrared radiation signal, after spectral filtering, spatial filtering to focus the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern reflected to the infrared detector light element , That is, the infrared thermal image of the measured object is scanned and focused on the unit or spectral detector, the infrared radiation can be converted into electrical signals by the amplification process, converted into a standard video signal through the TV screen or monitor display Infrared thermal image.




    1 full consciousness


    2 can be used normally during the day and night


    3 Extreme weather available


    4 can see through the fog, rain, smoke and other obstacles


    5 all hot objects are nowhere to hide


    Night and bad weather conditions under the target monitoring night.


As a result of well-known reasons, visible light equipment has been unable to work, if the use of artificial lighting means, it is easy to expose the target. If the use of low-light night vision equipment, it also works in the visible light band, still need outside lighting. The infrared thermal imager is passive to accept the target's own infrared heat radiation, regardless of day and night can work properly, and will not expose themselves. In the same weather, such as rain, fog and other adverse weather conditions, due to the short wavelength of visible light to overcome the poor ability of obstacles, so the observation is poor, but the infrared wavelength is longer, especially in the 8 ~ 14um thermal imager, penetrate Rain, fog higher capacity, so you can still observe the target. Therefore, at night and bad weather conditions, the use of infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can be a variety of targets such as personnel, vehicles, etc. to monitor.


Fire monitoring


     As the infrared thermal imager is to reflect the surface temperature of the object imaging equipment, so in addition to the night can be used as a field monitoring, but also can be used as an effective fire alarm equipment, in a large area of the forest, the fire is often caused by an unknown fire of. This is the source of the devastating fire, with the existing ordinary method, it is difficult to find this hidden fire signs. The application of infrared thermal imager can quickly and effectively find these hidden fire, and can accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, through the smoke found the fire point, so early to know early prevention, early extinguishment.



Camouflage and concealment of the target identification of ordinary camouflage is to prevent visible light-based.


     General criminals are usually concealed in the grass and woods, due to the bad environment and human visual illusion, prone to false judgments. Infrared thermal imaging device is passive to accept the target's own heat radiation, the body and the vehicle's temperature and infrared radiation are generally much larger than the temperature and infrared radiation, it is not easy to disguise, is not easy to produce false judgments. With the development of optoelectronic information, microelectronics, network communication, digital video, multimedia technology and sensor technology, security monitoring technology has been developed from traditional simulation to highly integrated digital, intelligent and networked. With the increase in market demand, modern high-tech almost in the security monitoring system has applied or will be applied. The rapid development of infrared sensor technology in modern sensor technology has also been applied in security system.


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