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The solar power supply system for field monitoring

Jul 12, 2017

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Solar power supply system without water, oil, steam, fuel, as long as there is light can generate electricity characteristics, is clean, pollution-free renewable energy, and installation and maintenance is simple, long life, can achieve unattended, much People's favor is the leader of new energy. In recent years, the application of solar energy in the world more and more widely, especially in the field, the solar power system is gradually replacing some of the traditional power equipment, more and more widely used.

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Solar energy monitoring system as the main use of renewable energy is the new wireless power supply mode, so the system has: no trenching buried line, do not need power transmission equipment, do not consume electricity, low maintenance costs, low voltage without electric shock The Such projects are mainly used in some remote areas and relatively abundant solar energy resources in the region. Such as expressway, power transmission line monitoring, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, forest fire monitoring, water resources monitoring, mineral resource monitoring, border monitoring, channel lighthouse, coastline, island (group) and so on. Followed by the needs of scenic spots, such as urban scenery scenic spots, tourist attractions, nature reserves, wildlife protection park. Simply summarized as "three no one" place, that is, no electricity without electricity cable, but the need for real-time monitoring and management also need energy-saving zero emissions of pollution-free areas or areas.

1. Determine the capacity of solar power according to the specific situation of solar energy resources and load power consumption.

2. Ensure that all monitoring equipment is stable and stable.

3. Monitoring equipment to consider all-day power supply, the maximum daily power supply time: 24 hours.

4. Economical, practical, reliable, safe, low-carbon, environmentally friendly.

5. Continuous use of rainy days, up to 3-7 days.

6. Using the latest lead / colloid / lead-acid battery as energy storage equipment, operating temperature between -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃, with high performance and other characteristics of high life.

7. The use of special lightning protection technology to ensure stable operation of the system, from thunderstorm interference.

8. The use of monitoring outdoor dedicated inverter and controller, the monitoring signal of the normal reception and transmission does not interfere.

9. Has a wealth of design, production, installation and construction experience. Wide range of use, limited by geographical location constraints.

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