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The reason of restricting development of camera

May 12, 2017

According to the "Moore's Law" of hardware development in the IT industry, digital cameras also follow their development rules, believing that in the next few years will be very fast. From the market situation, the main factors restricting the development of cameras are the following reasons: 1, the camera market started late, consumer awareness and acceptance of low, so penetration low, market capacity increase speed is not fast enough, need to be guided to promote the market consumption. 2, the actual application of the camera is not wide enough, has certain limitations, or as a consumer products in sales, consumers just as video chat, making simple personal image sets, simple monitoring system and other tools. 3, computer hardware limitations, such as computer display card, display resolution, USB1.1 interface speed, the impact of high-pixel photography of the real popularity. Practical application: Widely used in agricultural military traffic and so on all aspects, the application of a fairly broad status is also very important, especially in the area of traffic and security occupies very important. 1. Traffic management: With a camera to make traffic management more convenient and efficient. 2. Police case: Cameras in the police to solve the status of very important, can be through the street webcam cell detection.

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