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The most common fault of network camera and its solution

Sep 07, 2017


The most common fault of network camera and its solution

The network camera is a new generation of traditional camera and network video technology, in addition to the general traditional camera with all the image capture function, the machine also built a digital compression controller and WEB-based operating system, making the video data after compression , Through the LAN, internet or wireless network to the end user. With the birth of H.264 / H.265 digital video coding standards, the quality of network transmission video images has also been a qualitative leap. Then the network camera often appear some of the problems will appear there? Everyone together to solve the network of several common faults.


1. IE browser automatically shut down after logging in on the browser


IE is malicious code or Trojans, virus changes, please antivirus, or use Trojan horse killing tool scan.


2. The IP camera IP is not found by IP search tool or center management software.


First you need to confirm that your network cable and power supply are installed correctly. If the camera is still unable to find the IP after confirmation, it is necessary to confirm your network segment, look at the network camera network segment is not very and your computer network segment is not the same, if not the same, you need to put The network camera network segment and your computer's network segment is the same. Your computer will be able to find the IP IP camera.


For example


The default IP is or [to operate the instructions prevail], if not change the default IP, the first computer IP and network camera to the same network segment ip, such as PING about the network camera, if it is requesttimeout, check the network camera under the network cable and the switch or router connection is normal, or use the network side line to measure the network cable. If the network connection is normal, and then determine whether the network device is prohibited icmp package, if you change the IP address, do not remember, you can click the network camera reset button, usually 3 seconds, and finally search again in IE; browser Directly on ip192.168.1.100 or


3. Client or WEB can not login


Windows XPsp ActiveX controls are blocked, when you install the WEB control, the system if the pop-up dialog box to prevent the installation of the dialog box, you need to check the IE browser settings. Open the Internet option in the InternetExplore browser, select the custom level, and select the "Initialize and script the ActiveX controls that are not marked as safe" and "Download unsigned ActiveX controls". After saving, rerun the InternetExplore browser. If you install the 3721 Internet Assistant, such as control shielding software or personal firewall, please turn it off. And then re-login. Please do not use IE outside the browser login.


If it is WINVISTA system. Need to close the user account control (double-click to enter the user account close the user account control), set up, restart the computer can be.


After installing the control and enter the user name and password point login prompt this account has been logged in, please replace the other account login.


4. Why is the network camera connected after the network has been able to watch, but the Internet is unable to watch it?


There are two factors on this issue.


The first is not to do port mapping, because each camera is to send out the signal, through the monitor to achieve the watch. If we do not do port mapping, then the signal is not out, so the signal will only be inside the network, so that the external network can not accept the signal, making the external network monitor can not be real-time monitoring of the scene.


But also a computer that is your domain name to see if you log in, in general, the network camera's external network access address and domain name is directly linked to the network camera's external network access address can be your computer's external network IP plus Port number, you can also be your domain name information plus port number.


5. Image picture is slow, pause, not smooth.


If you choose the resolution is uxga or higher, the maximum frame rate is 7-20 frames, one second to play 7 images seem to be coherent, is a normal phenomenon, if you want the picture smooth, please The resolution is small, and the frame rate is set to 25 frames.


If you set a fixed stream, please set the stream higher, or set to variable stream, in the network settings in the network transmission QOS select the screen smooth priority.


Network reasons: first PING about the network camera to see whether it is packet loss, if the packet loss, first check the network cable and network equipment is normal. Insufficient network bandwidth or congestion can cause the screen to pause.


6. The sd card on the network camera does not have the video data or only the previous data.


First check whether the SD card can read and write, please dial SD to write to the state, after receiving the network camera in the system set the hard disk information has been able to identify the SD card, and then in the disk management to clear the data That is, formatting, and finally choose to set the read and write, said the SD card can read and write, the system set the general settings of the hard disk when the option to select the cover, said the hard disk full of the previous video data deleted to store new information, If you choose to stop, when the hard disk is full, it is not recommended to stop, set the network camera system time, video schedule is to determine whether this time video, video settings in the set the video time and video type, and In the storage settings, select the local storage, that the video data stored on the SD card.


7. connected to the four cameras, why the screen of the camera only one?


The problem is because you do not have to change the IP and IP port number of the network camera, because the network camera in the connection of multiple, each network camera IP and port can not be the same, otherwise there is no IP or port number is the same , The video of the two sets of cameras will produce a conflict, the video will be distorted or there is no video at all. For example, the signal as a water, the port number as a water outlet, if the port number is the same, then a river will be separated from the other side of the same one to go up, you say that the video signal is Not there will be a conflict, so that the video can play properly? And the IP camera default IP and port are the same, so the front said you connected to the five cameras, but you did not change the four IP camera IP and port number, the video will naturally conflict, so it can only appear A webcam.


8. After IE login can not see the browsing interface, and the interface layout messy.


The problem is a browser compatibility issue, the camera may not support a higher version of IE, if you are using IE8, please remove it, IE6 or IE7 or upgrade its plug-in. Or open the "Tools - Compatibility View - Add this site (add camera IP) - Add" in the InternetExplore browser. 

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