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The enhanced version of the camera remote control

May 12, 2017

Network person remote surveillance camera enhancement version compared to the general version of the network person remote surveillance camera enhancements more powerful performance, can easily achieve high-definition image of low network bandwidth transmission, the image more than the ordinary version of the camera, and realize the night vision, audio transmission, such as new features, dynamic alarm, alarm time zone can be set, abnormal automatic recovery, network interruption after the automatic connection and other new features. Outdoor Edition: Network person remote surveillance camera Outdoor edition compared to the former two of its superior performance in the outdoor video surveillance features, with the enhanced version of the difference is that it is a professional CCD photographic chip (420 lines), hemispherical shield, waterproof and high temperature, inhibit strong light, infrared night vision; can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, support for no line by, and so on, commonly used in wilderness areas, taboo involved in the area, hazardous areas, such as construction sites, residential villas, factories, Treasury, construction powerhouse. Using it to monitor the life of pregnant women in real time for their personal safety escort is the most suitable.

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