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The debugging method of camera

May 12, 2017

Because the embedded system is a relatively wide concept, this paper takes the HCS12 as the main control chip in the camera group car debugging as an example to introduce the debugging method. (a) external erection circuit Wiring CRT monitors: From analog cameras to elicit power, land, signal three of the lead, the camera power supply, and then video signal cable to the TV box video input interface. The VGA-OUT of the TV box is connected to the CRT display, which realizes the CRT's digital camera vision. This method shows the complete hardware level, which provides the same display effect as the human eye vision, and has significant help for the camera installation and the correction of the physical parameters. (2) External expansion LCD HCS12 series MCU contains serial Peripheral interface SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), can achieve the data transmission between MCU, and its speed is faster than the serial asynchronous communication (SCI) way. The SPI module also supports bidirectional, synchronous, serial communication between MCU and peripheral devices, and realizes MCU's peripheral expansion.

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