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The 4G technology employ in solar security camera

Jul 30, 2017

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With the continuous popularization of 4G network, 4G network video surveillance equipment is more widely used; almost has become a number of industry safety facilities management essential equipment; to strengthen the social security video surveillance, many lines of large cities in the city set up tens of thousands of High-definition video image acquisition system. Compared to the traditional camera, these video surveillance using the latest 4G network technology to achieve, with easy installation, free cabling trouble, wide coverage, high-definition images, real-time video transmission speed and other advantages.

Many cities have adopted 4G network technology to achieve social security and urban management of intelligent high-definition video construction, and even some villages as long as there are 4G network to have to use 4G network camera; for example, there are many people in the village breeding base, planting greenhouses, Forest fire, mines and other projects are in the wild no one straightforward existence of a lot of security issues; far not to say that the "Guangzhou 4G video project construction" includes 10156 high-definition video image acquisition system, 140 Set of high-definition road mount system and 534 sets of mobile video systems. The project uses "mobile 4G + fiber" dual network access technology program, through 4G and fiber two communication technology complementary advantages, can effectively improve the network reliability and stability.

Through the above we can see that with the 4G network continues to spread, 4G network camera with us really into the 4G era, 4G network camera brought us more experience; 4G web camera support mobile phone, computer remote real-time video surveillance, whether you are Travel outside the province or travel users anywhere you can remotely through the phone; at the same time the device itself with TF card local storage function, so that users can play a certain period of time before the video recording. 

Jaste Solar 4G security camera

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