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Solar Security Camera lightning protection

Oct 26, 2017

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Hazard Solar monitoring equipment, there are usually two forms of lightning: First, there is a charged cloud and a point on the earth between the rapid discharge phenomenon, called "straight lightning"; Second, the charged cloud due to electrostatic induction generated "secondary mine" or Called "induction mine".


Lightning wave intrusion protection is mainly in the line to install the appropriate lightning protection device and effective grounding, the use of appropriate line attenuation to achieve the purpose of lightning protection.


Lightning sensor solution: the line as short as possible, as far as possible not overhead line, conditional tube buried wire, power lines and signal lines as much as possible layout separately.


Solar Monitoring camera lightning protection should be considered from two aspects:


First, the solar security camera's lightning protection camera in the open area, mine area, there is no tall buildings around the situation should be installed in the camera pole on the lightning rod, as a direct lightning protection camera protection.


Second, the solar security camera's lightning protection All links the camera line (power, video, control) line to install the corresponding lightning protection device (monitoring integrated lightning protection triple or two).


Third, you should do a good job of lightning protection and camera metal shield grounding.

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