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Selection of power supply scheme for video surveillance project

Sep 24, 2017

 P2P camera

Selection of power supply scheme for video surveillance project

Video surveillance project, you need to consider the camera's power supply, what kind of power supply can achieve the best monitoring results, and the greatest degree of savings in engineering costs? First of all, we need to understand the video surveillance project in the camera power supply in several ways.


Tools / raw materials


DC12V 2A power supply / DC12V 10A switching power supply / POE power supply module


Method / step


Point-to-point power supply:

Point-to-point power supply is from the control room directly lead 220V AC, in the camera next to a separate DC12V power supply, and then connected to the surveillance camera, installed bracket, you can.

Advantages: 220V AC in the transmission process of low voltage loss, anti-interference ability.


Disadvantages: each point should be installed a power supply, construction more trouble.

Centralized power supply:


Central power supply: in the 220V power supply then 12V centralized power supply, and then 2 * 1.0 red and black power lines were received to the camera, 12V power supply distance of not more than 100 meters. In a single power cord connector, then a single power cord connector and monitor the camera power connector connected to you. Centralized power supply means that in the monitoring room or an intermediate point using 12V switching power supply to the front-end load power supply.


Advantages: construction more convenient, easy to maintain.


Disadvantages: DC low voltage power transmission distance is too high voltage loss, transmission process, poor anti-interference ability.

POE power supply: 

POE power supply refers to the provision of DC power for other devices without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. This method is mainly used in high-definition network digital monitoring system.


Advantages: reduce costs, flexible deployment, single-port maximum power up to 30W.


Disadvantages: the network cable quality requirements are higher, transmission distance is limited.



When using infrared camera, it is not recommended to use centralized power supply. Because when the infrared open when the current is large, centralized power supply is difficult to ensure that all cameras infrared effect.


Point of the power supply, the nearest power, you can save the line, is a great savings, but after-sales maintenance to a very difficult maintenance; this is certain, centralized power supply has a benefit, after the maintenance will be simple; not easy, but not a problem Section of the cable; if you do this single shot pat but leave you then use point to point power supply is long-term or that is a good power supply;


If the socket is used to separate the nearest power, if not much use that can be concentrated; if it is indoors, you can use a good point with a jacket power cord.

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