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Sales network camera eight common problems

Dec 04, 2017

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Network surveillance cameras with the overall solution more and more systematic, and gradually become the current mainstream, as a sales network surveillance cameras industry personnel, how to introduce the greatest advantage of their products to your customers, you need to pay attention to  following tips:

First: digital monitoring system adopted by the transmission What? What are their respective advantages? Monitoring system parameters are: 1, the network cable (advantage, convenient construction, transmission stability). 2, optical fiber (advantages for the long transmission distance, transmission bandwidth, transmission costs are relatively low). 3, wireless network (advantage for the convenience of construction, the main work in the field of wired inconvenient deployment). 4, operators (operators have set up a good advantage of the public network can be used directly, but the bandwidth and costs need to be balanced)

Second: Network surveillance cameras have a very important factor, that is, protocol compatibility issues. The most common ONVIF, GB28181 and other common protocol protocols, such as Hikvision, UOB support ONVIF, GB28181 and other common protocols NVR, medium-sized IPC manufacturers also support ONVIF, but their ONVIF version is different, so the communication up, not Will be able to exchange. Said to support a lot, but really do not much, this issue basically need to do compatibility testing to solve, or provide SDK. Given this situation, so when you push a webcam with your client, be sure to explain the digital matrix, NVRs and other devices that are compatible with webcams. Many customers are still vague about this, so webcam manufacturers have a responsibility to explain this problem to your customers and avoid the negative consequences of incompatible customers.

Fourth: Topology for network HD map can provide it? We can provide a template for HD network solutions. Topology map is the only one used for each project, this topology map is designed for a project alone, so there is no topology diagram template.

Fifth: the customer's equipment configuration, the project is relatively small, it is recommended to use NVR, generally can meet customer requirements. The project is relatively large, it is recommended that the use of digital matrix solutions, digital matrix function to achieve the effect is NVR can not reach. There are such as AP, optical fiber, twisted pair transmission distance and other issues, should be more to see the national standards, there are so many benefits, which will help customers acceptance of the project; the actual use of the project reliability; reduce the after-sales rate. Should stand on the customer's point of view to consider the issue, the most reasonable allocation of customers, the lowest cost solution.

Sixth: Now more and more customers hope to see through the network surveillance camera effect, there are many manufacturers also made remote video viewing software, but we overlook the important question is whether the carrying capacity of the network carrier is sufficient , If customers see your video card a card, it is best not to send directly to the video file each other just fine, in the video to the file, because the network monitor camera brightness, contrast and other settings, to Human perception is not the same, a little brighter, the picture will be more dazzling. When giving this video file, it is best to record directly from the project.

Seventh: Network Camera Product Delay Problem: The working principle of network camera is: video capture, encoding and compression, network packaging, network switching transmission, network access, decoding and restoration, video output process, encoding to decoding need to deal with the time, So it will produce a certain time difference.

Eighth: honesty and honesty. Letter, the fundamental business is also; real, the cornerstone of mutual benefit also; Ken; get more customers of the source also.

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