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Safety engineering professional construction and installation standards

Oct 13, 2017

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According to the relevant departments in recent years issued by the security design, construction specifications, procedures and standards, summed up my company over the years the security engineering design and construction experience and on the basis of the combination of security technology development of new technologies, new product technical requirements, the With the service of the community, the purpose of the first users, the public network in particular to develop the following security construction and installation of the standard.


First, the indoor wiring technology


Indoor wiring not only requires safe and reliable, but also to make the circuit layout is reasonable, neat, strong installation. The technical requirements are as follows:


Use the wire, the rated voltage should be greater than the operating voltage of the line; wire insulation should be consistent with the installation of the line and laying the environmental conditions. The cross-sectional area of the wire should be able to meet the requirements of power supply and mechanical strength.


Wiring should try to avoid the wire with a connector. Unless the connector is not available, the joints must be used pressure line or welding. Wire connections and branches should not be mechanically wired to be installed in the building to maintain horizontal or vertical. Wiring should be combined with casing protection (plastic or hot metal pipe, according to the technical requirements of indoor wiring matching), ceiling pipe available metal hose, but need to be fixed and beautiful. Signal lines can not be parallel to high-power lines of power, and can not be worn in the same tube. If the environment is limited, to parallel alignment, will have to stay away from 50CM or more.


The AC power supply of the alarm control box should be routed separately and can not be worn in the same tube as the signal line and the low voltage DC power cord. The AC power cord should be installed in accordance with the electrical installation standard. Alarm control box to the ceiling of the requirements of the casing embedded in the wall or with a metal pipe to be protected to improve the anti-theft system to improve the anti-damage performance.


Second, the indoor piping technical requirements


Wire and cable wiring with clear and two with the two, Ming piping requirements horizontal flat, neat and beautiful. Dark piping requirements of the pipeline is short, smooth, less elbow. The choice of pipe, according to the design drawings to select the type and specifications of the pipe, if not specified, according to the total length of the wire through the wire (even the skin), do not exceed the pipe hole cross-sectional area of 70% of the limits of matching.


In order to facilitate the pipe threading and maintenance, in the pipe length exceeds the following values, the middle should be installed junction box or cable box, the location should be easy to thread.


(1), the pipe length of each more than 40 meters, no bending;


(2), the length of each more than 25 meters, there is a bend;


(3), the length of each more than 15 meters, there are two bends;


(4), the length of each more than 10 meters, there are three bends;


The wire tube is fixed and the wire tube should be fixed in the corner or at a straight line distance of more than 1.5 m.


The bending radius of the wire harness shall comply with the provisions of the bending radius of the cable. Where there is trachoma, cracks and large deformation of the pipe is prohibited to use in wiring works. The connection of the wire tube should be connected with a sleeve or buckle.


Vertical laying of the pipe, according to the size of the cross-section into the wire, at every 10-20 meters, add a fixed threading junction box, with a wire clip to fix the wire in the box, the thicker wire, between fixed points The shorter the distance.


Do not enter the box (box) within the vertical nozzle, through the wire, the nozzle should be sealed.


The junction box or junction box should be fixed not less than three screws.


The connection between the connection box and the pipe should be combed. The junction box or junction box should be capped. The branch of the line should be added to the junction box.


Third, the installation of space detectors technical requirements


The installation of the space detectors shall be in accordance with the technical specifications.


The installation of the detector should ensure a 24-hour tamper function to prevent man-made damage.


The location of the detector should be avoided by small animals such as rats crawling close.


The detector should be mounted on a rugged, hard-to-vibrate wall with 2-3 screws.


The detector should be installed so that there should be no obstructions in the front detection range.


Fourth, the magnetic switch installation technology


The installation of the magnetron switch should be solid, neat, beautiful, as far as possible in the door inside, to prevent damage. The distance between the fixed and active components of the magnetron switch should be less than the following:


(1), wooden door magnetic switch and iron gate magnetic switch should be less than 5mm.


(2), roll gate magnetic switch should be less than 20mm.


Fifth, the control box installation technology


The installation of the control box shall comply with the requirements of the technical specification.


Control box should be fixed not less than three screws, to ensure a solid. The location of the choice to conceal, for the prevention of damage, control box operation to remote control switch, remote control switch away from the control box to install, have a tamper function, and use the door to be protected, remote control switch with a password switch, Three times the password triggers the alarm function.


Control box should be installed tamper function, should be demolished at any time should be the police.


The AC power of the control box should be introduced without the switch. If the switch is to be used, it should be installed in the control box. The AC power cord should be pipelined separately and should not be worn in the same tube as other wires.


Control box of the lead, from the control box to the greenhouse for a section to be protected with iron pipe, iron pipe and control box to use double nuts to connect.


Power box installation is higher than the ground more than 2 meters, to be strong, beautiful, to ensure safety.


Six, pre-sale service


Pre-sale need to provide relevant technical information, such as system introduction, system manual, etc., and a brief introduction. For the specific circumstances of the project, to provide the necessary advisory services, to provide anti-theft concept of goods related to consultancy services. Analysis of system configuration, feasibility, and economic analysis to provide valuable constructive comments. Through the overall planning and design and installation of the scene of the environment survey, the most economical and reasonable optimization program.


Seven, the sale of services


Professional construction team responsible for the construction and installation. Field engineering to send professional and technical engineers to provide on-site construction guidance. According to the contract requirements of the quality and quantity of the completion of the system installation, engineering and technical personnel to debug. Products are marked on the installation and interface information for equipment maintenance provides a great convenience. With the customer to establish system equipment management system, so that the system can run long-term good. The system of personnel training, establish a correct anti-theft service concept, master product features, routine maintenance and other related knowledge.


Eight, after-sales service


Regular product tracking, inspection and maintenance of the system. Once the local equipment in the normal use of running problems, in the shortest possible time to solve the problem.


To ensure timely provision of various types of consumption, maintenance materials. All products, are from the date of sale for a period of one year warranty period. All systems engineering, are from the date of acceptance for one year of quality assurance period.


Nine, the following circumstances need attention


Malfunctions or damage (including exceeding the workload) caused by improper operation or use in non-product work environments.


Damage due to the use of self-made or publicly available software that does not work properly.


Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse.


Due to improper maintenance of the computer caused by computer virus infection.


The user to replace the spare parts, and the spare parts are not purchased from the public or before the use of public network without permission.


Due to installation and use of non-standard expansion of the function card caused by failure or damage.


Unauthorized disassemble repair or overrun modification or misuse cause malfunction or damage.


Human or natural disasters caused by the failure or damage. Engineering side has no relevant responsibility.

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