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Routine maintenances for solar 3G/4G CDMA/LTE security surveillance systems

Mar 27, 2018

Routine Maintenance for Solar 3G/4G CDMA/LTE security Camera Systems 

Photovoltaic cell powered wireless outdoor camera systems are being chosen and empolyed by more and more users. This kind of 3G/4G/WIFI security monitoring systems are an ideal solution for sites where grid power is not available and wired network are also beyond access. After a period of using, many users find those purchased solar 4G surveillance camera systems are deteriorating significantly and not working as good as they were at the beginning of installation. Except product quality issues caused by the use of inferior and low quality raw materials, solar powered 3G/4G/WIFI surveillance camera systems also need some routine maintenances as below:


1, Solar Panel surface cleaning.

For most scenarios, remote monitoring is entirely powered by an totally independent off grid solar systems. And these monitoring systems are usually installed in the wild, highways and other dusty areas. After a long time, surface of those solar panels will be covered with a thick layer of dust. Solar cells are shielded by dust, which will certainly have a significant impact on the performance of solar panels. Therefore, we need to regularly clean up the dust on those solar panels, even in some areas which are not so dusty, no to mention those areas where are full of dust, oil pollution, and other substances which influence the environment greatly.

(Note: The time to clean solar panels can not be chosen during the noon or afternoon when the sunshine is violent. It should be selected in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not strong enough)


2, Battery maintenance

If the solar powered wireless outdoor camera monitoring systems has already been installed outdoors, you do not need to maintain the battery of the solar 4G surveillance system produced by Shenzhen Jaste Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Because the solar 4G surveillance camera system adopts a maintenance-free lithium iron phosphate battery. This type of battery is mainly used in electric buses, as long as there is daily charging and discharging, it will not cause damage to the battery. If used properly, such lithium iron phosphate battery life is up to 5 years. If your solar 4G monitoring system would be stocked in warehouse for a long time, or kept in other ways which cause no charging, you are strongly recommended charge the system periodically, at least three months one time. In this way you can avoid that the battery voltage is too low due to the natural loss of electricity, which will lead to its unreversible damage.


3, 4G monitoring maintenance

Jaste Solar 3G/4G/WIFI outdoor remote monitoring systems do not require special maintenance during normal use. While, You need to wipe the camera lens at time to get much clear view with alcohol.


Jaste Solar 3G/4G/WIFI wireless surveillance camera system is comprised of single high efficiency monocrystaline solar panel, long life lithium iron phosphate battery, self-developed constant current controllers, industrial 3G/4G/WIFI monitoring module. The entire system is guaranteed for 3 years (including battery). Product performance is stable, and after-sales service is considerate, which will lead you to an impressive experience of using solar 3G/4G/WIFI wireless remote monitoring products.

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