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Remote control of the camera's general edition

May 12, 2017

1, remote monitoring camera is a remote monitoring camera, the main division of the general Edition, Enhanced edition and outdoor version of three categories, can be left and right 320 degrees, the upper and lower 60 degrees of rotation surveillance, pictures, videos, and can send photos, videos to the mailbox or FTP server, the camera has mobile detection function, can be set to send email warnings and so on. Network person remote surveillance cameras and traditional camera is the most fundamental place in the need not wiring, without large area of hardware auxiliary, as long as a network cable, can be in any corner of the world remote Monitoring to the place you want to monitor. 2, the Network person Remote Surveillance Camera General edition is a combination of traditional cameras and network technology generated by the new generation of cameras, as long as the network of human cameras on the cable (no computer), it can transmit images through the network to the other end of the Earth. You can remotely control the camera around 320 degrees, up and down 60 degrees of rotation, monitoring, and the monitoring screen recorded, sent to the mailbox or FTP server ... Install a webcam in your company or warehouse, shop, and home, so you can monitor it remotely, if you are on the Internet.

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