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Project budget, How to improve the accuracy

Sep 16, 2017

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Engineering fields, also known as project cost, a variety of materials needed for construction projects, accounting artificial mechanical consumption and capital consumption, is an important national infrastructure investment and construction projects in the construction process. Before construction according to drawings preparation of project budget, construction budget units in accordance with the construction, after the end of the project, to be accounts, and ultimately determine the total expenditure of the project. Improve the accuracy of engineering fields, to standardize management of government investment, to determine cost, improve capital efficiency, has a very important practical significance.


First, the reason of project budget isn’t accurate

There are many factors that affect the accuracy of project budget, the three aspects in general, one is the impact of objective conditions, the second is the impact of technical factors, the third is the impact of man.


(A) the impact of objective conditions


The basis for the preparation of the project budget is based on the engineering design drawings, which are likely to be affected by some objective factors in the design of the project. Correspondingly, the design work will be carried out, resulting in engineering design changes, so that the project budget has also changed , Resulting in reduced accuracy.


(B) the impact of technical factors


In the process of engineering fields, the quantities of double counting is often a problem, mainly because of budget and final accounts management system is imperfect, the lack of effective supervision. Management system, there are a number of departments and units involved in the calculation of quantities, and the links between these sectors, the unit does not close, so that the problem of calculation difficult to detect, and ultimately affect the accuracy of the budget and final accounts. In the process, some construction unit inflated quantities, leading to problems with budget and final multi-operator risk calculation, but also one of the reasons affecting accuracy.


(C) the impact of man


Engineering fields is the executor of staff, the greatest impact on the budget and final accounts of accuracy. On the one hand, the project pre-accounting staff lack of professional knowledge, the lack of serious and responsible business attitude and professional ethics, there will be errors. If the cost of personnel working poor, weak sense of responsibility, the project will result in the amount of double counting or omissions. On the other hand, if the construction side in the bidding process "opportunistic" failed to make the tender price control play a role, or the use of unbalanced bidding, construction side considers that a job in the engineering content of quantities will increase at the time of settlement, In the tender time deliberately put the price high, in the settlement will be profitable. Or on the construction side of the project accounts overestimate the risk calculation or cut corners on the quality of the project, the construction of prescription minority "pocketed" for personal gain collusion with the construction side, will result in inaccurate budget and final accounts.


Second, how to improve the accuracy of the project budget

1. Pay attention to the construction budget


The construction budget is accurate and can provide many references for the completion of the project settlement and reduce the post-settlement workload.


First, calculate the amount of engineering accurately. The calculation of the amount of engineering is the main part of the budget of the construction plan. It is the most complicated process in the whole budget preparation process. The most frequently used and the most likely error is the main data of the whole budget. Basis, therefore, must grasp the accuracy of the amount of engineering. Accurate calculation of the amount of engineering must be familiar with and detailed understanding of all the construction drawings and all the design technical information, and calculated according to the calculation of the rules of calculation, is conducive to reasonable and accurate according to the relevant provisions of the quota.




Second, accurate sets of prices. Pre-settlement must be true, objectively reflect the actual cost of the project, therefore, the price can not be a high price of which project which set, the price should be proficient in the quota book description, work content and unit price composition, and use Similar to the project budget, the corresponding quota for the control set, to reduce the probability of missing items. On the lack of fixed items, according to their own experience combined with the actual construction situation, the determination of labor, materials, mechanical consumption, fair and reasonable to determine the actual construction unit price.


Finally, pay attention to the preparation of written instructions top billing, systematically illustrates some of the problems and the approach should be based on the preparation and the process of budgeting encountered, and the main work of the whole project, in order to improve the preparation of the supplementary budget to ensure the accuracy of the work project settlement.


2. In-depth construction site, master the first-hand information

Accuracy and understanding of the pre-settlement conditions of the construction site, construction methods, construction machinery, related to design changes visa projects are closely linked, and to obtain truthful information must be in-depth construction site. At present, A and B sides of the completed project where billing disputes occur frequently in many ways because there is no depth construction site, collecting less than accurate picture, and the information provided by Party B and Party often not considered real. In-depth construction site, can get a real first-hand information, but also to assist site managers to do work visa, improve the accuracy of billing, reduce A, B both sides of the dispute. At the same time, in-depth construction site, easy to make the construction drawings and the actual building linked to avoid more calculations, improve the pre-billing capacity and so have a certain role.


3. good at finishing (calculated) Change project

The information related to the settlement includes: the completion of drawings, contract contracts, drawings audit records, construction organization did not count, design change notice, project negotiations record, engineering and technical programs, on-site visa credentials. The above information is the preparation of financial statements of the project with the necessary information. As a member of the settlement should be used to begin to accumulate in the construction started, categorized storage, in order to find, and be familiar with its contents.


4. Good at finishing (calculating) change works


Project settlement is based on the project budget, is based on the actual project to the project budget to improve and complement, and ultimately determine the project settlement costs, therefore, the exact calculation of the project is the key to settlement of the project. In general, larger projects and more complex process engineering changes, amendments press content and design drawings joint trial record change notice before, the revised full set of construction plans, in order to calculate changes, at the same time, changes The settlement must be timely, if left after the completion of the project to be calculated, it will change due to more likely to cause leakage items, or with the original preparation of the construction project budget project duplication. In the process of calculating the change, should always clean up the change drawings and change notice, so that the project settlement to "quasi", "fast", "fine", "all" purposes.

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