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May 12, 2017

(Resolution), the sensor pixel, which is the number of pixels we often say, the camera is one of the important indicators of measurement, some products will be labeled 300,000 pixels or 350,000 pixels in the packaging box. In practical applications, the higher the camera's pixels, the better the image quality is taken, but the higher the pixel is not the better, for the same picture, the higher the pixel's product its ability to parse images is stronger, but the amount of data it records will be much larger, so the requirements for storage devices are much higher, so the current mainstream products are used in the choice of up-to-date. Because of the camera price, computer hardware, imaging effects and other factors, the market on the basic camera in 300,000 pixels of this grade for sale. And because the CMOS imaging effect is not ideal on high pixels, the market for dominating high-pixel cameras is still a CCD camera. Note: Some resolution identification refers to these products using the software can achieve the interpolation resolution, although it can also appropriately improve the accuracy of the image, but compared with the hardware resolution still has a certain gap

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