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P2P remote monitoring

Sep 20, 2017

4g monitoring

P2P remote monitoring


P2P is the English Peer-to-Peer (equivalent) abbreviation, also known as "point to point". P2P (peer-to-peer communication) technology is a new network technology that relies on the computing power and bandwidth of the participants in the network, rather than gathering the dependencies on fewer servers.


P2P has dominated today's 50-90% of total Internet traffic. The various technologies of the network revolve around us, and the activities carried out every day on the Internet are almost free of P2P technology. Such as QQ, ICQ, Skype, Yahoo Pager, MSN are P2P applications.

P2P allows users to communicate with each other, exchange information, exchange files. The exchange of information between users is not straightforward and requires the server to coordinate.

P2P is directly linked to people, let people direct communication through the Internet. It makes the communication on the network easier, more direct and truly eliminate the intermediate links.




Because the traditional IP Camera (network camera) there is a common phenomenon, different network operators to visit each other very slowly or even can not be viewed remotely, such as: Telecom, Railcom, length and width of the user's IP Camera (network camera) through Netcom , The video is very smooth or can not be viewed. Telecom, Railcom, length and width, Netcom users IP Camera (network camera) through 3G (WCDMA TD-SCDMA) view, can not view.


The use of advanced P2P technology, the camera can be removed from the network port mapping cumbersome, really plug and play! Software is as follows:


1, through a unique ID to identify each camera, the user is used, only need to set the need to watch the camera ID number can be.


2, no port mapping, the device access to the Internet, you can watch the device through the mobile phone real-time video, completely out of the traditional port mapping mode and some networks can not port mapping problem.


3, for the camera can not establish a P2P connection, the system through the forward server, the video forwarding, and truly 100% of the connection.

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