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Note the use and maintenance of the monitor collection

Sep 26, 2017

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Note the use and maintenance of the monitor collection

The vision must have better image clarity, better color reproduction, and more stable features to better monitor the live condition and provide a stronger proof of subsequent evidence extraction. How can better guarantee the normal use of LCD monitor? Before using, understand some basic LCD monitor maintenance techniques that will extend your monitor life to a certain extent.


Monitor the use of attention


First of all to avoid the monitor with some hard objects collision or friction. Because the monitor product is relatively fragile, its ability to resist "impact" is also very small, many crystal and sensitive electrical components in the impact will be damaged, so usually be careful not to let the monitor have access to those pairs It is easy to cause harm to the object.


Also usually when you clean the screen should also pay attention to, do not spray the agent directly to the screen, because these liquids are likely to flow to the screen caused by short circuit and affect the use. But should be sprayed on the clean cloth to clean the cloth, and then the screen will be a good way to avoid the risk of wiping.


Second, if you accidentally spray the detergent onto the screen, you do not have to worry too much about the liquid of the cleaner when it is injected into the screen. If it is found in the boot before the screen surface only fog, with a soft cloth can be wiped gently, and if the water has entered the LCD monitor, then put the LCD monitor on the slightly higher temperature, such as the lamp , Will gradually evaporate inside the water out.


Third, it is best not to use the screen saver. why? Then look down and you know. Because the core structure of the liquid crystal monitor is similar to that of the "sandwich", it is a liquid crystal molecule filled with motion in the middle of two glass substrates. The signal voltage directly controls the switching state of the thin film crystal, and then uses the transistor to control the liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal molecules have obvious optical Anisotropy, can be modulated from the backlight tube light, to achieve the image display. And a complete display by the composition of many pixels, each pixel seems to be a switch transistor.


Finally, we must tell you that if the LCD monitor product problems, do not privately dismantle the product, because the monitor will produce a high voltage inside, do not know people in the demolition of the monitor is not only a certain risk , But also easy to monitor the failure to increase, so the problem must be timely to find manufacturers advice, so as not to bring you unnecessary trouble.


Monitor maintenance knowledge


1, in the use of monitors, avoid frequent boot and shutdown. Otherwise easy to make liquid crystal tube damage, shorten the life of the monitor.


2, avoid the monitor placed near the heat source or direct sunlight, so as not to accelerate aging.


3, avoid using plastic cover monitor. Should be used when the trumpet cover or all the open cloth to facilitate heat.


4, bogey long-term shelves will not shelve, especially in the spring, summer, the best several times a week to avoid the damp and reduce the insulation properties of electronic components.


5, the monitor bogey sick work. If you find the monitor image flicker, the brightness becomes bright and white back sweep line, the machine produces ozone smell or internal ignition, abnormal sound, etc., should immediately stop using, and timely maintenance.


6, the monitor is susceptible to magnetic interference, can not put the monitor and other electrical appliances used together.


7, do not let the monitor for a long time in standby mode, should turn off the power.


8, the monitor is particularly susceptible to dust, and therefore should be placed in a clean and well ventilated environment.


9, do not put the monitor in a sealed cabinet, the monitor should pay attention to heat.


10, do not use hard objects scratched, hit the monitor, because the liquid crystal display surface for the polarized film, if the pen or hard objects point, it is easy to scratch the polarizing film, affecting the display.

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