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Network camera without sound or poor quality how to do?

Nov 27, 2017

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Network camera video surveillance system has become an indispensable means of urban security system, many cities have video surveillance building, for the network of high-definition video camera, you can use the common megapixel megapixel lens can also be equipped with millions of high-definition lens , But also with 3 million high-definition lens, but in the case of the same camera, the final screen performance, the resolution of the lens played a decisive role, but the sound in video surveillance also plays a very important role, the following describes how Troubleshoot the sound in the network camera!

1, first determine whether the network camera audio input, LINEIN (linear level)

2, if it is OK LINE audio input port, then check the pickup power supply is normal, check the pickup connection is right.

3, first check the pickup audio signal output of the connection, the general network camera audio input connector is 3.5 headphone connector, then the corresponding pickup audio signal line, it is necessary to switch to 3.5 headphone connector.

4, it should be noted that, although you connect the 3.5 headphone connector, but the 3.5 connector, he is divided into dual-channel and single-channel points, that is, stereo and mono points, check your 3.5 connector is double Channel is still single channel.

5, if the confirmation is mono, then the positive pickup is connected to the positive 3.5, negative corresponding negative. If you are a dual-channel case, then there will be three-core line, the pickup negative connected to the negative 3.5, and the positive then 3.5 connector corresponding to the other two cores, respectively, left and right channels.

6, there is another situation is that some of the current brand of network camera audio input is also available, LINE and MIC input, that is an audio input port, he may be left channel LINE right channel is the MIC, Occurrence of such a situation, it can not be left and right channels together and then the positive 3.5, and then separate access. For example, the negative pole or negative pole, the positive pole is connected to one of the 3.5 connectors, and then listen to the sound is normal, if not normal, change to another audio cable to pick. The left and right channels can not be parallel, also prohibit the use of mono 3.5 connector, be sure to use dual-channel connector.

7, the connector is an international standard interface, 3.5 if the headphone connector has two black lines, which means that the two-channel interface, the two black lines are actually insulated ring, the tip of the top 3.5 connector The most advanced part of the stereo The left channel, the middle of the insulating ring for the right channel, the root of the negative electrode is grounded. If it is a monaural 3.5 connector, the opposite is only to see a black insulating ring, that is sharp for the positive, the root to the negative.

8, with audio network camera audio output connected to nvr audio input how no sound

Audio on network cameras and NVR is used for audio monitoring and intercom. Audio monitoring usage: This is a one-way sound use, which is simply the sound from the camera end to the NVR end. This usage requires that the camera side If you have an audio input port or a microphone on your camcorder, you only have to turn on the audio recording on the NVR. Connect a speaker to the audio output port of the NVR. The sound from the camera can be transmitted to the NVR, recorded in the NVR, and sounded through the speakers.

The use of audio intercom: This is a two-way sound use, you need to have a microphone on the camera audio input port or microphone itself, and the camera has an audio output port can be connected to the speaker or own speaker, NVR audio input and Output port, the sound is the direction of the camera input port Microphone or microphone comes through the network to the voice of the NVR, NVR audio output port connected speakers output sound, NVR audio input port connected to the microphone voice to the camera through The camera's audio output is made by the speaker.

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