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Introduction of fisheye lens and fisheye surveillance camera

Oct 03, 2017

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Fisheye lens is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build panoramic vision. It is characterized by a one-time intake of more than 180 degrees of view, so as to achieve no blind effect. From the characteristics of the fisheye lens is a very wide-angle special lens, this photographic lens front lens diameter and was parabolic to the front of the lens protruding, the visual effect similar to the fish eye to observe the scenery on the water. It is a short focal length lens, the general focal length between F = 6-16mm, according to the principle of optical imaging, short focal length to show a large field of view of the monitoring effect.


Common fisheye lens has two kinds, one is circular imaging, one is rectangular imaging. The former can be three-dimensional angle compared to the latter to be large, most of the current panoramic camera selection of the fisheye lens are the first, because of its three-dimensional viewing angle can reach 360 degrees x180 degrees, to achieve the ideal panoramic view. Although the field of view provides an unparalleled enjoyment, but it is sacrificed the original monitoring screen for the premise of access to the fisheye lens deformation of the image is generally called the barrel distortion, this distortion will be with the field of view Expand and serious, but this is also a reasonable phenomenon.


The general monitoring of the probe field of view angle of 60 degrees -90 degrees or so, if the monitoring site has a wide range of monitoring needs, if only more than a few cameras to achieve the monitoring area coverage, will undoubtedly increase the cost of the camera and installation costs, Display and storage costs will increase accordingly; even the ball machine can be achieved through the PTZ 360-degree full range of monitoring, but can not achieve the same time to monitor the 360-degree range, and in practical applications, most of the ball machine by setting the preset Bit to monitor the scene, it is difficult to avoid important events were "leak control" situation.


In the current security market, one with the video surveillance blind spot more and more people are not tolerated, the market for blind spot video surveillance system requirements are more and more intense. The panoramic camera is to achieve panoramic monitoring, it can appear in the true sense of the elimination of blind spots to ensure that the video's reliability, integrity, the user and the community in terms of extraordinary significance. One of the types is based on the ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens panorama camera. The fisheye panoramic camera is the transformation and upgrading of the existing monitoring system. In the fisheye panorama monitoring system, only a fisheye panoramic camera can be achieved without panoramic surveillance, no mechanical parts, the image through the ultra-wide angle fisheye lens capture the scene of the panoramic image, according to the different installation , Can reach 180 degrees or 360 panoramic picture, and through the embedded or external image processing software to elliptical or circular deformation of the image corrected to normal video images. If strictly speaking, the panoramic camera is not a camera, it is by the fisheye lens HD camera image processing software composed of "three in one" panoramic monitoring system.

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