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Installation and construction of infrared cameras and night vision precautions

Dec 01, 2017

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Infrared and night-vision cameras in the surveillance with night vision distance, covert, stability and other prominent advantages. As we all know, infrared camera installation should try to avoid direct light, because the infrared light is installed on the infrared light board according to the photosensitive resistor to control its power on or not. In addition, all infrared objects should be avoided in the infrared camera's field of view, such as black objects, empty places and water, as the infrared light is attenuated and attenuated, which will greatly weaken the effect of the infrared light and the video camera.

Infrared and night vision camera construction and installation needs attention and compliance matters are grouped as follows.

Different medium transmittance and reflectivity are different, so different protective glass, especially with automatic defrosting coating glass, will cause some attenuation of infrared light, the construction must pay special attention;

Avoid strong light (such as sunlight, lights, etc.) in the installation location of the equipment, otherwise it will easily cause over-bright or light-drawn phenomenon (not malfunction), which will also affect the life of the CCD;

Camera should be placed in the humid, dusty, very hot, extremely cold, strong electromagnetic radiation and other environments;

Some infrared light irradiation distance parameters, only the number of power, this is a very vague concept, in addition to power conversion into infrared light, but also includes the power heat loss, heat loss circuit, light source heat loss, filter glass Infrared light efficiency and more. That is the same power infrared projection lamps, the irradiation distance may be very far away;

Manufacturers are increasing, but the factory testing of related products is not easy, and technology, testing equipment and other conditions are not the same, the user should compare more, carefully read the installation manual prior to use, and pay special attention to which ensure the safety of personal equipment matter.

Consider the level of reflectivity of the camera scene. Infrared ray has the same reflection and refraction characteristics as visible light, so a certain distance margin should be considered when there is no good reflective environment around the target scene (such as buildings, walls and signs)
Optional infrared spotlights, in addition to its parameters need to consider other parameters. Most of the infrared projection lamps on the market today are in the two bands of 850 nm and 940 nm, and the required cameras must be capable of sensing the infrared light in these bands.

Climatic conditions such as rain, fog and dust all restrict the factors affecting the irradiation distance. In addition, the difference between the scene environment and the monitoring target reflectance also causes the night vision effect to be greatly different, so it must be tested before installation.
Try to use electronic control switching device, the fuzzy logic capabilities can effectively control the working status of the ICR-CUT filter. Because most manufacturers use simple methods such as photo-resistive sensors to control the ICR-CUT filter and the on / off status of the infrared spot light, the transition point of the critical point is often unsatisfactory.

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