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Infrared camera at night the effect of the root causes of bad

Oct 03, 2017

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Often listen to a lot of friends call the user, reflecting their use of the camera in addition to the often white, dazzling, there are many snow spots, at night when the snow as usual. At first we also feel incredible, made a special trip to the low-end infrared electronic security market took a few brands tried it, and sure enough, the effect of daytime also Minato, one night, snow fluttering. So, we do a variety of experiments, try to change the infrared light and the circuit board, also tried to change the CCD, also went to different local experiments, and later, summed up the situation of snow spots have the following reasons.


First, the lack of current causes snow spots to occur


Some outdoor short distance with a centralized power supply 12V is very convenient, but if it is long distance is not appropriate to use switching power supply to focus on 12V power supply. Because one is long-distance infrared light heat, 12V power supply instability may lead to power is not enough, and all no built-in cooling device in the case of current instability prone to burn out. Second, the current decay speed, may cause the infrared light did not work properly, in the CCD illumination is relatively high and can not get infrared light auxiliary light, so, snow fluttering.


Second, the infrared light quality is poor, infrared light angle and infrared distance does not match with the lens lead to snow drift


Many companies in order to facilitate their own procurement and installation, with a variety of different angles mixed with the use of lights, so the advantage is that they can use the same kind of lamp can not use a different size of the lens, the fault is always people feel the angle of light With the distance and the lens is not appropriate, when the angle is not appropriate, prone to flashlight phenomenon or narrow electricity phenomenon. When the distance does not match, for example, you use 12MM lens, but with ten to twenty meters of light, then there will be gray phenomenon, the distance a blur, near the snow fluttering. Also, poor quality infrared light, in addition to decoration, the more lights, the more the problem; the more concentrated lights, the greater the heat, the more easily burned;


Third, the handicraft problem

Many manual installation, the infrared light is not concentrated, astigmatism. Scattered light led to light everywhere, a gray phenomenon. Infrared light front of the cotton file is not tight, so a vast phenomenon.

Fourth, the built-in low-profile camera, high illumination.

Many factories in order to achieve the same infrared light in the light under the premise of a brighter image, artificially increase the sensitivity of the CCD. Because many manufacturers in order to price competition, the use of very poor camera built inside, this camera in the case of infrared light fill light shortage, in order to mention more bright, so man-made increase the sensitivity of the CCD, with us in the hard disk video recorder High brightness, is prone to snow phenomenon.

Fifth, the circuit design is unreasonable

We produce infrared cameras, not just the infrared light directly into the camera inside the line, but to be installed before the camera circuit to re-design and aging. The market is a lot of small-scale processing plant is the use of cheap electronic components, buy cheap infrared light, directly welded with iron soldering, the circuit is not redesigned and no aging treatment. In addition to some low-end products factory, in order to save money, the control circuit to remove the control panel or with the light board integrated together, it is easy to lead to infrared light by the current instability and heat, so that the poor quality of the infrared light Can not work normally.

Sixth, may be more dust in the outdoor environment


Especially in the wild, it is possible that the camera's infrared light to the naked eye can not see the small particles shot out, which in the daytime infrared light does not open the case, the naked eye and the camera feels not obvious, this phenomenon is the environment Dictate.


There are many reasons to produce snowflakes, but the method is always more difficult than that. As long as the real reason to find out, to solve it is much simpler, as long as you are willing to spend the cost, spend time.


1, the use of high stability of the transformer to solve the problem of insufficient current, with a multimeter to test the voltage and current size to ensure that the infrared light to work properly.


2, the use of high-quality infrared light. This is equally important, infrared light is not good, no matter how good the current is useless.


3, replace the inside of the poor camera. May be the camera's high illumination, and in the case of outdoor brightness is not high, prone to snow, so to use black and white camera or color to black camera.


4, the use of dual filter or double glass structure, improve the intake of infrared light at night and to avoid the impact of water mist.


Infrared camera should pay attention to the following difficulties


1, fitted with infrared light, to re-set the circuit and aging. Attention to the manual installation process, pay attention to the infrared light angle has the problem of concentrating, which requires the installed personnel have a considerable sense of responsibility and patience.


2, built-in camera minimum 0.1 illumination, or prone to snow, which requires manufacturers to purchase the necessary investment and careful determination.


3, long-range camera infrared light general power is relatively large, generally use built-in high-quality transformers and fans of the 220V power supply camera


4, to use high-quality infrared light, to prevent the infrared light power is too large dazzling or whitening phenomenon, in order to avoid the image is not clear or gray sense, attention to the infrared light angle and distance at the same time, pay attention to its life.


5, to prevent astigmatism and excessive light, astigmatism prone to a vast expanse of white, and set the light is prone to flashlight phenomenon.

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