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How to solve the problem of wiring in the short link

Sep 27, 2017

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When performing a test on a cabling system, a series of test parameters are actually used to test the system. These parameters determine whether the test system meets the performance requirements of the corresponding category, which is the standard specification defined by the TIA, including PS ACR, PSNEXT, PSFEXT, attenuation, and so on. Return loss is one of the parameters, it refers to the transmitter on the reflected signal and send the original signal ratio.


The importance of return loss


Category 6 testing is a test of the use of the system in full-duplex transmission environments or Gigabit Ethernet applications. Return loss is an important parameter that may cause an error in such a network. Since a full-duplex network can send and receive information at the same time, a large reflection signal may be regarded as a received signal, although it does not receive any signal, and this effect produces an error. So, the return loss is a strict parameter in the 6 class test, and it is not easy to pass a test parameter.



Short link solution

This is an important guiding principle that needs to be remembered because other factors may have reduced the link anti-jamming margin, such as termination technology and poor cable management methods. In general, longer cable lengths reduce these negative effects due to the greater attenuation of the cable itself. However, shorter cable lengths, ie short links, do not reduce these effects. In addition, the permissible specification margin for Category 6 links is generally lower than that of Category 5 links, so the tolerance margin for the error is less and more stringent.

In general, it is recommended that designers avoid the use of short links in Category 6 cabling systems to maintain the maximum clearance. One way to achieve this goal is to allow the "loose margin" cable to be routed, that is, to take a long distance cable so that each cable has a cable length of more than 15 meters.


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