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How to choose an suitable solar 3G/4G Lte cellular network camera

Sep 04, 2017


How to choose an suitable solar 3G/4G Lte cellular network camera

With rapid developing of 3G/4G Lte cellular network technology, solar security camera monitoring goes into 4G era. This means monitoring wont be limited to location any more. How to choose a suitable solar system to support 4G surveillance camera working through a period  as long as necessary is very important for users.


Solar power is very different from on-grid power. The cameras working well not only depend on its own performance, but also depend on the solar system which providing stable and uninterruptable power. A good solar system will have three following factors: 1.High efficiency solar panel  2.Intelligent controller  3.Long life span battery


Jaste Solar 4G security camera systems employ high efficiency mono solar panel, with efficiency  up to 19%, to make sure there are enough electric power converted from sunshine. These systems adopt specially R&D solar camera controller to provide stable 12V/2A electricity. This make sure the camera wont be affected by fluctuant power from solar. Meanwhile, the system uses long life span Lithium-iron battery whose lifetime is up to 5 years, to make sure the whole system providing consecutive monitoring and great performance.

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