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How to choose 4G monitoring camera

Jul 04, 2017

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The birth of surveillance cameras undoubtedly bring more convenience and safety to people's lives. The penetration rate is very high, and the camera can be seen in remote areas. But in the fish pond, crossing, orchard, project site and other inconvenient wiring, there is no cable network where you can only use 4g mobile phone signal to achieve remote networking. But the attendant traffic costs are also the majority of consumers can not afford.


Here we introduce you to save traffic costs 4G monitoring camera


Choose the 4G camera with the Wifi hotspot

Camera comes with WIFI hot spots, can be shared to the nearby 32 wireless network equipment traffic; and close to direct hot chat and download video does not consume traffic.


Buy H.264 High Profile compression code 4G camera

Using advanced H.264 High Profile video compression coding technology, to ensure high

Clear quality under the premise of achieving a higher proportion of video compression, saving 30% of the traffic.


Buy a 4G camera that supports local large memory card storage

Usually the video is stored in the memory card inside, do not need to pass all the video through the 4G traffic to the back-end


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