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How to build an open security system integration platform?

Sep 20, 2017

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How to build an open security system integration platform?

The driving force behind technological progress stems from people's needs. Today, people are no longer satisfied with merely building an independent video surveillance, access control and alarm system, how will these systems perfectly together, play a role in 1 + 1 + 1> 3 become the new focus. Thus, to build an open platform for integrated voice security system is also increasing.


Security system integration platform can be simply understood as in the same platform on the subsystems of centralized control and management, integrated platform based on the information generated by the subsystem changes, so that the various subsystems to coordinate the corresponding action to achieve the information Exchange, sharing and processing.


However, the results of this discussion, the current security platform to build the integration of some immature factors, of which the standard is not the biggest confusion. This standard includes the development of equipment interface and security integration platform, the lack of an agreed standard for guidance, which to some extent, restricts the development of security integration platform. This may, perhaps to the history of the computer as evidence. As we all know, the early computer can only be connected with the same manufacturer's products, the computer industry flies are not called; when the problem is conscious, the International Standards Organization has developed a standard for open system interconnection, computer development presents a thriving scene, which But also we can now see for all to see.


By computer development for the lesson, to build an open security integration platform, a unified standard is a breakthrough. So, how to build an open security system integration platform? What features should an open integration platform have? What is the direction of development of security integration platform? And so on, you will be inspired by the voices of five professionals who are involved in this issue.


Open security system integration platform is the result of the development of digital technology


Personalized target detection is the foundation of digital security, access control system constitutes the basis of integrated technology platform, regional security is a key pre-decision information system security integration platform.


Target Detection -> Transfer -> Processing -> Monitoring -> Control, has been a major technical application mode Technical Security, either alarm, monitoring, access control systems, personalized target detection has always been the pursuit of anti-technology systems One of the goals. Entrance control system took the lead in the full realization of personalized target detection, which promoted the development of digital security technology.


The "digital security" core technology, is a management and monitoring an object (target) digital, relative to traditional security is concerned, is to actively manage relationships with passive alarms, the relationship between intelligent monitoring and manual monitoring, and comprehensive security and Part of the security relationship. Open security system integration platform, it is the inevitable result of the development of digital security technology.


At present, the system integration is often encountered in the security project, not only the integration between the security subsystem, but also and other management systems (such as: fire alarm, building automation, information dissemination, elevator control, consumer systems, daily Management, etc.) integration. Although many video surveillance equipment manufacturers have integrated the alarm function, access control products are mostly with alarm interface, but still can not meet the equipment integrators to meet the end users vary widely, highly personalized application requirements. In practical applications, either reduce or revise the use of standards, or reduce the technical indicators, temporary patchwork, with. This for the future use, maintenance, system upgrades bring a lot of hidden dangers and inconvenience.


On the other hand, the subsystems of the security system should be able to operate independently, and when a subsystem has a problem, it should not affect other systems and ensure reliability. Never allow the subsystems to over-reliance or sticky too much. The best way is based on the application needs, quickly and easily in the security monitoring center of the system data resources, control resources and other information, through the integration of the way to combine the platform to maximize the use of the overall resources, so that the advantages of portfolio, To meet the needs of the application.


The technical basis of the platform is digital, network, standardization, and digital security integration platform should have the elements include: should ensure that the independence of the application subsystem work; should have a variety of devices connected to the hardware and software interface; according to the need for fast To achieve personalized linkage programming; to adapt to large-scale multi-machine parallel processing and hot backup needs; to collect the security information reasonable organization to form a pre-decision results; easy to achieve the linkage between the subsystems.

Finally, the development trend of digital security integration platform, the following points:


Personalized target detection is the basis of digital security, it determines the number of digital degree. A variety of detection and identification technology emerge in an endless stream, we will increasingly blur the front-end equipment, proprietary properties, such as: the camera may be monitoring system front-end equipment, it may be the entrance control system surface recognition acquisition equipment, may also be alarm detection Device. RFID technology, biometric identification technology to promote the continuous improvement of personalized target detection and development.


The import and export control system is the technical foundation of the integrated platform. The import and export control system takes the lead in the realization of the personalized target detection, from the independent control to the network management, from the single special control network agreement to the general TCP / IP agreement, the new generation entrance control system not only can support the C / S structure, also Support B / S applications, the user can browse the web through the network to manage and control the way, a strong database management and event record query system, a variety of personalized customer management applications need.

Regional security is a key pre-decision information system security integration platform. In the construction of social security intelligent dynamic monitoring network, the basic safety technology protection facilities such as the risk units, places and parts should play their own functions independently. Under the promotion of digital technology, the pre-decision information system can not only give "alarm" "No alarm" two states, but also based on comprehensive information proposed multi-level early warning information and linkage plans to achieve rapid early warning purposes, effective prevention and control of various crimes and terrorist activities. Regional security pre-decision information processing systems not only ease the pressure on the social dynamic monitoring network security intelligence, but also to deal with local problems quickly and efficiently, there are broad prospects for development.

Security network middleware is a form of security integration platform


Open security system integration platform can be understood from three aspects, the first is the integration of system technology, modern security system not only uses a variety of common sound, light, electrical technology for security, such as access control, alarm, digital video Monitoring, and the use of IP network as a connection architecture, and further the introduction of streaming media services, Web access, geographic information systems, GPS, wireless video surveillance and other advanced technologies, and these technologies are integrated to form a wide range of multi- Of the security system. Followed by the concept of open, security systems need to follow a certain product industry standards, so that products can be interchangeable and interconnected, so that security systems can be on demand and change. Finally, the concept of the platform, the security system integrates a lot of IT technology, these technologies are very difficult to grasp and use, need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources for development and utilization, but we found that the security system itself has a lot of common, system integrators can Framework based on the rapid construction and enrichment of various application systems, software development technology often mentioned in the middleware technology can meet this demand, middleware technology can also be called platform technology.

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