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Guide to purchasing Cameras

May 12, 2017

Photosensitive chip: (SENSOR) is the important component of the digital camera, according to different components. CCD (Charge Coupled device, charge coupling element), is generally used in photographic photography of high-end technical components, the application of mature technology, the imaging effect is better, but the price is relatively expensive. CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, Metal oxide semiconductor components) is applied to lower image quality products. It is cheaper and less power than the CCD. The advantages of CCD are high sensitivity, low noise and large Snr. But the production process is complex, high cost and high power consumption. The advantages of CMOS are high integration, low power consumption (less than 1/3 of CCD) and low cost. But the noise is comparatively large and the sensitivity is low. Earlier CMOS requirements for light source are relatively high, in the use of CMOS as photosensitive components of products, through the use of image source automatic gain reinforcement technology, automatic brightness, white balance control technology, color saturation, contrast, edge enhancement and gamma correction, such as advanced image control technology, can be close to the effect of CCD cameras. The imaging of CCD in the same pixel tends to be transparent and crisp, and the color reduction and exposure can guarantee the basic accuracy. And the CMOS products tend to be permeability, the color reduction ability is weak, exposure is not very good.

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