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Frame rate, resolution, bit stream relationship

Nov 01, 2017

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The frame rate is the number of images per second, the resolution represents the size of each image, that is, the number of pixels, the stream is the amount of data that is generated per second after the video compression, and the compression is the space redundancy of the image and the time redundancy of the video , So for a still scene, a very low bit stream can be used to obtain better image quality, and for strenuous scenes, it is possible to achieve good image quality with a high bit stream, so the conclusion is to set the frame The rate that you want the real-time, set the resolution is the size you want to see the size of the image rate depends on the settings of the camera and the scene, through the field debugging, until you get an acceptable image quality, you can determine the code Stream size.


Frame rate concept


A frame is a still picture, continuous frame to form an animation, such as television images. We usually say that the number of frames, simply, is the number of frames transmitted in 1 second time, can also be understood as the graphics processor can refresh several times per second, usually with fps (Frames Per Second) said. Each frame is a still image, fast and continuous display frame will form a movement of the illusion. High frame rates can get smoother, more realistic animations. The more frames per second (fps), the more action will be shown.

Stream concept


Stream (Data Rate), refers to the video file in the unit time to use the data flow, also known as the rate, he is the video coding quality control in the most important part. The same resolution, the larger the video file stream, the smaller the compression ratio, the higher the picture quality.

Resolution concept


Video resolution refers to the size or size of the image produced by the video imaging product. Common video resolution of 352 × 288,176 × 144,640 × 480,1024 × 768. In the two sets of figures in the image, the former is the length of the picture, the latter is the width of the picture, the two are multiplied by the picture pixels, aspect ratio is generally 4: 3.

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